Axalton Group, for Greentech Brings Best-of-Breed Farming Products, Plus Proven Oil, Sewage, and Ammonia Contamination Remediation to U.S.

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The Green Arsenal of BIOMIT™, Biofluid™, and BioresQ™, suitable for organic farming, together boost crop immune system, increase yield, resist drought, mitigate fungi/ammonia, reverse oil and sewage contamination in soil and water.

This trio of power agents enables farmers of all kinds, and victims of soil, waterway, and facility damage, to achieve the ever-elusive environmental goal: sustainability.

The Axalton Group, for Greentech, a division of The Axalton Group, announced at CES, Las Vegas, that they are bringing three of their long successful products for increased crop yield, soil and waterway health, and disaster remediation to the United States.

With proven results in Europe, Axalton brings these innovative products, BIOMIT, Biofluid and BioresQ, to the U.S. to fill growing need. All products are suitable for organic farming. BioresQ is an emergency soil and water remediation solution that reverses oil spill, sewage sludge, and ammonia contamination damage. BIOMIT and Biofluid serve as effective plant and soil nutrients that together are drought-resistant, boost crops’ immune system and yield, and nourish the soil, instead of depleting it.

The Green Arsenal, as Axalton CEO Andras Patkai calls this trio of power agents, enables farmers of all kinds, and victims of soil, waterway, and facility damage, to achieve the ever-elusive environmental goal: Sustainability.

“We fill the need for cost-effective solutions to every day agriculture realities, and believe we have the answer for certain hazards to the environment, so they cannot only be managed and contained, but restored to health,” said Patkai, to crowds at CES eager to try samples of the Green Arsenal products.

BIOMIT, Biofluid, and BioresQ apply innovative methodology to nature’s intrinsic procreative attributes.

“BIOMIT, a mineral-based compound, completely covers the surface of the leaves, creating an enveloping layer that prevents water from evaporating," said Károly Bandi, BIOMIT’s inventor, who spent 15 years perfecting his solution. “Plants remain hydrated for long periods. Also, the solution cannot be washed off easily. It is a plant-nourishing system based on photosynthesis through exposure to light, as a result of which plants make use of minerals more easily.”

Both Bandi, and the inventor of the two vermicompost-based agents, Biofluid and BioresQ, Tibor Kovács, were working on sustainable farming innovation very early on.

“Our society in Hungary knew very little about organic farming when we started in 1986, with our first tribe of worms,” said Kovács. “I knew that the quality and taste of the food were better, and then over the decades we learned another important lesson—that the Biofluid agent could also be used for land disaster recovery remediation.”

Kovács’ proven agent in farming, which not only produced great yield as a foliar spray, but also fed the soil, thereby obviating need for as many fallow fields, proved itself mightier than he ever imagined.

The Biofluid agent reversed what was thought to be irreversible damage from a crude oil spill, and BioresQ was born. The success fortified Kovács’ belief in the power of vermicompost applications, and drove Axalton to bring these innovations to the U.S., in order to help solve the pervasive and seemingly insurmountable problems of oil, sewage, and ammonia contamination.


BIOMIT: A natural, mineral-based plant nutrient, which strengthens plants, boosts their self-defense system, and may increase agricultural yields.

Biofluid: A vermicompost solution that can be used both as a soil treatment and as a foliar spray to support any plant’s physiological process. It enables stronger crops, it is not only environmentally safe, it is environmentally enriching.

BioresQ: A vermicompost-based, enzymatic solution that restores oil, ammonia, or sewage contaminated areas and facilities. These problems are big, and only getting bigger. Remediation. Taking the permanent out of the problem.

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