Ayurvedic Dr. Sambhu in India Introduces Ayurveda Health Care On Sharon Kleyne Talk Radio

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Annette Draper, Dr. Sambhu & Sharon Kleyne Discover World’s Oldest Traditional Health Practice. Annette Draper Shares Cancer & Discoveries of Ayurvedic Practices at Ayusha Ayurvedic Panchakara Centre in India.

Air Date: 13 January 2020

Guest: Annette Draper, co-founder of Club Northwest, a Top 100 Health Club in America, Grants Pass, Oregon

Guest: Dr. P. Sambhu B.A.M.S, Ayurvedic Doctor, Ayusha Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centres http://ayushya.com/index Kovalem and Vellayani, Kerala, India


In November of 2019, Annette Draper resolved to journey to India to participate in an Ayurveda retreat led by the respected, internationally renowned Dr. P. Sambhu, the latest in a long lineage of Ayurveda medical doctors who is personally treating 8,000 patients worldwide.

Dr. Sambhu was an invited guest by Annette Draper to be on the Sharon Kleyne Hour radio talk show from his home in India, shared how he grew up in a traditional Indian family that included multiple generations of Ayurvedic medicine practitioners. Beginning in childhood, Sambhu’s medical professional family members began to pass the incredible Ayurvedic practices on to him. The result is that Sambhu is perhaps the world’s most famous lifelong Ayurveda practitioner in India, America and all over the world.

In a story Sambhu relishes, Ayurveda originated before Christ walked the earth. Ancient scriptures recorded the practices and passed them on from medical generation to medical generation. In fact, Ayurveda medicine has provided health care throughout the world for thousands of years.

The word Ayurveda, Sambhu explains, comes from ancient Sanskrit words—ayu meaning life and veda meaning knowledge. Today, practitioners visit Ayurveda clinics (the most progressive are located in India) to discover these ancient healing practices that are followed by millions and millions in every country in the world.

Sambhu is enthusiastic about sharing the details of an Ayurveda retreat. Sambhu describes how people coming on retreat receive a full body assessment, then begin a process of detoxification. When Kleyne asks if they are taught to breathe, Sambhu responds yes, practitioners learn the proper way to breathe through the daily practice of yoga. Sambhu also assures Kleyne that drinking enough pure water for your body type every day is a core teaching of the Ayurvedic healing process. Practitioners also practice daily meditation and eat a healthy Ayurvedic diet.

Draper, successful co-founder of Club Northwest, a Top 100 American health club, had begun to feel fractures in her Mind Body Spirit health practice. “I was giving, giving, giving and not getting,” says Draper. Then cancer issues arose and Draper realized even more urgently that she had to embrace serious life changes. So, she began to work with internationally acclaimed Success guru Bob Proctor and explored new health alternatives that could restore her balance.

Joining Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® and host of the internationally syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica and produced by Rose Hong, founder and director of Global Dragon TV in Washington, D.C.

Draper described how at Sambhu’s Centre she received and felt the power of the concept of Flow. Feeling the flow in life itself, Draper was able to tap into her powerful energy potential. “Because of the food, yoga, chanting, body treatments, oil opening the third eye and my energy centers,” Draper said. “I was able to make a true connection of mind, body and spirit. I realized once again that you don’t expect a great life, you create one.”

Draper, Sambhu and Sharon Kleyne hope that Ayurvedic practice will become more familiar and available to people in the West. Ayurveda literally means the science of life. Ayurveda is an ancient technology that is relevant, successful and current to this day.

Kleyne believes that Ayurveda should be introduced into the mainstream medical community worldwide. She also advocates for insurance companies accepting and covering Ayurveda treatements.

You can listen to the talk radio program featuring Annette Draper, entrepreneur, top global success coach for Bob Proctor, elite level mindset coach with Impressions of Increase Coaching LLC., radio show host, and mega manifester, Dr. P. Sambhu B.A.M.S, Ayurvedic Doctor, Ayusha Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centres Kovalem and Vellayani, Kerala, India and water technology educator and evaporative dry eye researcher Sharon Kleyne as they discuss Draper’s health crisis, epiphany, retreat in India, Dr. Sambhu’s global Ayurveda practice and Ayurvedic practice from ancient times to the present moment, follow this link: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/120953/natural-healing-indian-experience

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