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Share Article is a premium online background check service that can help anyone to find more information about a new neighbor, colleague or someone else.

News Image is proud to announce that they have launched their criminal records and arrest records lookup tools that will help anyone look for publicly available data about the criminal records or arrest records of certain individuals. is an online background check service that was created to help its users find more information about the individuals they are looking for. Finding information about someone from the past can be quite difficult without the help of an online background check service. Getting in touch with a lost family member, an old friend, or someone from the school is now easier for users of online background checks services.

Visitors of can obtain a report containing all the available public information about the individual they are looking for. A lot of records are in the public domain, but many individuals have trouble getting the information they need. Users of a good online background checking service can easily find the information they need. In most cases, users can get a report containing the name and any aliases of the searched person, their date of birth and their age, any arrest or criminal records, civil court records, education details, their social media accounts, photographs, financial information, permits for weapons, details about relatives or associates, and many more information.

With the help of, users are no longer required to hire a private investigator to find the information they need about an individual. In just a few minutes, users will get the information they need after hundreds of nationwide sources have been analyzed.

There are many reasons why someone would want to perform a background check. From finding a person from the past to checking if the new neighbor has a criminal record, are just a few of the legitimate reasons for performing a background check. Users of can have access to state-level records, federal level records, city-level records, county-level records, and other sources of public records.

Performing a background check at is easy. Users only need a few details of the persons they are looking for. Details such as the person’s first and last name, names of family members, friends, or business colleagues, the last town, county, city or state where they have lived, their age, email address or telephone number. Even if the users only know one detail such as an email address, they can still perform a successful background check.

Criminal Records

The number of available criminal records has grown significantly in the past decades. Criminal records are used to provide details about the criminal activity of a convicted individual. Local authorities, states authorities, and federal authorities keep criminal records and they can use them in several different ways. For example, a court will look at an individual's criminal record before pronouncing a sentence. If an individual is a repeat offender, then the judge will pronounce a harsher penalty.

Users of looking for someone’s criminal records can find data like the full name of the convicted person, date of birth, aliases, physical characteristics, current address, fingerprint information, details of outstanding arrest warrants, and a photo of the individual.

Persons who commit a sexual offense are entered into a register as sex offenders. With the help of, users can find out if their new neighbors or coworkers are registered sex offenders. Each state has a sex offender registry where the details of the registered offenders and their crimes are regularly updated. The local authorities are tracking the movements of sex offenders because they are likely to repeat their crimes.

Arrest Records

The police can arrest anyone they suspect they have committed a crime. After arresting an individual, an arrest record is created. Arrest records are not the same as criminal records. Only a court can decide if someone is guilty of a crime. Also, many arrested persons go free after a court’s decision.

At, users checking for someone's arrest records can obtain information such as the full name, suspected crimes, location of the incident, the date and time of the incident, category of charge, a unique case number, type of case.

There are many situations where someone might need to know about the arrest records of an individual. When meeting someone for the first time, they are not going to tell if they have an arrest record, so an online background check can help to find more information about this new person. Using services can help users find out if someone from an online dating site has an arrest record, or if a long-lost family member they wanted to meet has been up to no goods and they pose a risk. Also, online sellers can be checked if they have arrest records for frauds.

The easiest method to check if someone has an arrest record is by using a premium online background check service like

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