BECOSAN Reaches the USA to Improve Polished Concrete Floors

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Despite the resistance provided by concrete floors, on several occasions due to the demanding conditions of some factories, garages, industrial warehouses, it is necessary to improve it or renovate it. BECOSAN®, polished concrete floors is the way to go.

By means of the BECOSAN treatment, which is more than a brand name, a significant improvement and greater performance of the polished concrete floor or industrial flooring can be guaranteed at a very economical price.

Before proceeding with this type of environmentally friendly treatment, one should entrust oneself to professionals, expert personnel who will offer all kinds of advice and assistance on how to integrate BECOSAN into future projects.

This system combines high quality polishing with the most up to date chemicals to achieve the polished concrete floors that one needs.

The use of polished concrete with BECOSAN treatment is extended to a large number of paving jobs in both indoor and outdoor areas.

With BECOSAN polished concrete floors, one obtains floors that are clean to the eye and very pleasant, shiny if the person wishes but in no case slippery and very resistant to any use.

One of the main characteristics in common with BECOSAN polished concrete, is the great durability and resistance to all kinds of stains, so it can be used by any company regardless of the type of activity to perform.

The polished concrete floor, BECOSAN is incorporated into new buildings as a sign of personality and modernity.

Its great resistance to use, its great durability and its lack of maintenance makes this type of flooring very much used in modern offices and homes, commercial premises, health centres, laboratories, etc.

It can also be said that it is one of the most economical options on the market, so the more meters to be covered the more you will notice the difference when paying with respect to other paving options.

All polished concrete with BECOSAN treatment has a waterproofing treatment and a waxing that can offer either gloss or matt, with very varied designs and colours, nothing slippery but really beautiful and decorative, depending on the customer's taste.

With regard to its easy maintenance, it should only be scrubbed using water and soap like any other floor, removing all kinds of stains without any problem, since these cannot be absorbed.

For different reasons, a polished concrete floor in industrial areas can be deteriorated not only by its bad use but also by its bad application, so it will be the expert personnel who will carry out all this type of service to recover the appearance and good condition of the floor, with a high quality working material, tools and suitable machinery.

Depending on the condition of the concrete floor, the covering of the imperfections will be removed, the pores opened and the surface prepared in order to try to recover the floor.

Next, the surface will be polished to make it smoother, hardened with silicates and finally polished with abrasive discs until a hard and smooth surface is achieved.

Next, the floor will be polished to provide greater protection and elegance.

If you wish, you can opt for the waxing option which will help to reduce the porosity of the floor by increasing its viscosity.

Recovering a polished concrete floor with BECOSAN treatment is one of the best options to extend the life of the floor, improve its appearance by protecting it from holes, scratches and stains of all kinds.

With BECOSAN the surface will be suitable for day-to-day traffic of people and heavy vehicles such as trucks, forklifts, machines.

In addition, a BECOSAN floor is much more resistant to tire marks and scratches and can easily remove all kinds of stains.

Polished Concrete Flooring with BECOSAN treatment, offers you infinite advantages such as: easy application, absence of dust, total resistance to the spillage of any liquid or blow and all this at a minimum economic cost.

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