Belly Trim XP: Review Examining Shawn Wells’s Weight Loss Supplement Released

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BellyTrim XP reviews have been flooding the Internet and reveals the truth about this supplement that claims to transform the body from a fat storing into a fat burning machine.

BellyTrim XP Review

BellyTrim XP Review

Belly Trim XP claims it is an all-natural supplement made of fats that can do what nutrition can’t, which is help one regulate hormones and the fat fighting processes in the body. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Belly Trim XP review shows that it contains conjugated linoleic acid found in meat and dairy products taken from ruminants to help you burn fat,” reports Stevenson. “It contains two other fat fighting ingredients, provides enough linoleic acid to be beneficial to weight loss and maintenance and is recommended by a dietitian who has spent years working with nutrition and supplements. Additionally, it comes with a bonus eBook on foods that fight off belly fat.”

Belly Trim XP contains conjugated linoleic acid, pomegranate seed oil and BioPerine. The first helps regulate metabolism, which can help the body remain an efficient calorie burner rather than become inefficient. The second has been shown to reduce fatty acids in the blood stream, and burn up to 40% more fat in the body, remove and shed extra fat and reduce cholesterol and the number of bad fat cells. The third is a BioTrust patented black pepper extract, which has demonstrated the ability to enhance the absorption of fat soluble nutrients by as much as 60% more.

“Put together, all the ingredients in this supplement are a super fat burning team. As the linoleic acid and pomegranate seed oil do their part in reducing and burning fatty acids in the body, BioPerine absorbs any fat soluble nutrients faster than before, and you are left with less fat in the body,” says Stevenson. “We are under continuous stress, from choosing what kind food to eat to meeting ever increasing deadlines, and the longer we keep our cortisol levels high, the more damage they do to our body. It has been shown that conjugated linoleic acid can help counteract cortisol.”

“The natural ingredients in Belly Trim XP are shown to help combat fat, and you may experience a boost of fat loss with the right diet and exercise plan included. A man whose life is centered on nutrition and supplements created it. It’s hard not to trust someone whose name is already big in this area, as he would be putting his reputation on the line if he was promoting crappy supplements. The fat burning benefits promised makes it enticing for anyone who is ready to start blasting fat off instead of accumulating it. If you have fat to lose, and are having a hard time losing it, I highly recommend trying out this supplement.”

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