Best Car Insurance 2020: When should Drivers Shop Online For Car Insurance?

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“To keep up with the legislation changes and see if their insurers are still offering competitive insurance premiums, policyholders are recommended to check the insurance market once at every six months.”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains in what situations policyholders should check the insurance market for online car insurance quotes.

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Insurance companies analyze multiple factors before they determine the premiums paid by a policyholder. Some of these factors are under the driver’s control, while others are not.

Policyholders should shop for online insurance quotes considering the following situations:

  •     Insurance rates change frequently. It’s common for an insurance company to adjust the insurance rates frequently. That’s why it’s important to check the insurance market at least once every six months. In some cases, the insurers will raise the price of insurance just before a dangerous period of the year arrives. For example, policyholders that live in the northern states, where the winter periods are severe, should consider buying coverage several weeks before the winter starts.
  •     Improved credit score. In many states, the credit score is an important factor that helps insurers to determine the insurance premiums. If a policyholder lives in one of these states and has improved his credit score, then he should contact his insurance company and see if they can obtain better insurance rates.
  •     Legislation changes. Each state has its own insurance laws and requirements. These laws and requirements can change quickly, so drivers are advised to check them regularly.
  •     Drivers have maintained coverage. It is important for new drivers and drivers that have a long coverage lapse history to keep their driving records clean for at least six months. These types of drivers are seen as high-risk and the first months of driving are crucial to have their insurance rates lowered.
  •     Important life events. The events that happen in a policyholder's life can affect his insurance premiums. Events like getting married, moving to a better neighborhood, buying a safer car, or getting a job closer to the place they live, will lower the insurance rates.
  •     Renewal time is getting close. Many rival insurance companies will try to lure the policyholders that have insurance policies that are about to expire. To do so, the insurers are willing to offer generous discounts. Policyholders should carefully analyze these offers and check what they will gain and what they will lose if they switch their current insurance company.

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