‘Best Workplaces in Aging Services’ List Announced by Activated Insights and FORTUNE Magazine – Industry Swoons

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Activated Insights is the division in charge of their “Senior Care” provider customers. In coordination with their publishing partner, Fortune Magazine, the two companies are announcing the launch of The Best Workplaces for Aging Services List. The inaugural list is slated for publication today and fifty aging service groups made the first list. Fortune Magazine publishes 20 such “Best Places to Work” lists annually.

Activated Insights and Fortune Magazine add a new category to their '100 Best Companies to Work For' Lists.

In late 2017, Fortune Magazine agreed to start a Best Workplaces list for aging services. The Best Workplaces for Aging Services List stands out for service excellence in the industry’s rapidly-changing marketplace. Activated Insights CEO, Dr. Jacquelyn Kung, and her colleague Amanda Breeden, the head of their business development division, were ecstatic when they heard the news earlier this year. The two finally realized that the aging services industry would now be part of the coveted Fortune lists’ annual peer review process, recognizing those agencies leadership in their field.

“Great Places to Work is realizing senior care is a legitimate industry and deserving of its own list”, said Dr. Kung.

This news is groundbreaking for all those employed or seeking employment in the aging services industry. Employees can now choose to work for providers who have a proven track record for respecting their employees, creating a positive business culture and providing their seniors and families with high quality care. Inclusion on the list is no small feat for providers and it will provide a great deal of confidence for the legion of CNA’s, RN’s and restaurant staff that these facilities require around the clock.

“If you think ‘employee engagement’, it’s employees who want to do more, speak up and contribute more to the company,” explained Breeden

Since the aging services list was announced last November, aging services organizations representing more than 162,000 employees have signed up for consideration. The industries provide myriad services including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, home health and area agencies on aging, PACE programs, and others. “A company’s mere presence on this list will give the hundreds of thousands of industry employees a new boost of confidence and pride.” noted Dr. Kung 

According to Senior Housing News, “The ‘Best Workplaces in Aging Services’ list will likely be a mix of all types of employers, of various sizes. So, it could be a particular boon for smaller companies to be recognized right alongside industry giants.” This will be yet another sense of pride for industry employees.

Good workers have been notoriously hard to keep in the aging services industry. Researchers from Rice University, the University of Pittsburgh and Baylor College of Medicine say that previous findings on CNA’s often misjudge reasons for turnover in long-term care. The studies say that CNAs “attitudes toward job satisfaction and their overall wellness are better predictors of employee turnover than pay scale”. Reported turnover rates in the industry vary but Great Place to Work reports that those rates are as high as 50% in many of the companies in their database. Additionally, between now and 2025, they report that the senior care industry will need over one million new CNA/Aides. The publication of the Fortune List is expected to have a profound impact on the standard of care in the aging services industry.

According to the data at Great Place To Work, CNA/Caregivers are currently looking to be part of a family, be better appreciated and be listened too. A clear majority say they love the residents they care for. However, some feel overworked or underappreciated. Younger CNA/Caregivers would like to see more ethical business practices and have more fun at work. Older CNA/Caregivers want to be treated with respect and honesty. Since getting picked to be on The Best Workplaces for Aging Services List is decided primarily by the satisfaction of employees, the onus to make real change will be on management.

The selection process for providers in consideration will have a random selection of their employees fill out the 54-question Trust IndexTM. It gauges how workers feel about pride, respect, credibility, fairness and camaraderie in their workplace.

“This is different than just surveying the engagement of a company,” Breeden noted. “This is engagement with a chance for national recognition. For our industry, it will be taking off the stigma a little bit, so it becomes, ‘Wow, this is an industry where you can build a career.'”

Great Place To Work - https://www.greatplacetowork.com/

Over the past 30 years, Great Place To Work has surveyed more than 15 million employees to help organizations around the world identify and build high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Through their coveted certification programs, they recognize outstanding workplaces and produce Fortune Magazine’s annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, as well as a variety of other “100 Best” Workplace rankings in the United States and in more than 60 other countries. The honor itself is highly coveted. Great Place To Work is driven by their simple but noble mission: to build a better world by helping every organization become a Great Place To Work for All by the year 2030.

Activated insights - https://www.activatedinsights.com/

As Great Place to Work’s senior care team, Activated Insights actively conducts research on employee engagement as it relates to the issues that matter to CEOs. They rely on over 30 years of data driven analysis provided by Great Place to Work and in partnership with Fortune Magazine, help choose the companies selected for the annual ‘Best Places to Work For’ list for the aging services health care industry. Through their programs and training, Activated Insights helps companies assess the entirety of their organization for Great Place To Work® Certification, measures the engagement of their current workforce and gauges the effectiveness of current business cultures.

Dr. Jacquelyn Kung

Dr. Kung is the CEO of Activated Insights, a subsidiary of Great Place To Work. Activated Insights helps coordinate entrants for Fortune Magazine to qualify for Great Place To Work’s 100 Best list in the aging services category. Dr. Kung earned her undergraduate degree and an MBA from Harvard; her doctorate is in Health Policy and Management from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She has been on faculty at Brown Medical school and speaks on expert panels on aging services.

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