Blaux Portable AC Launch Announcement: A New Way to Stay Cool This Summer

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Blaux Portable AC is the new tiny portable air conditioner that has been recently launched and for many Americans it just had a perfect timing when days start getting longer and hotter. Many people don't want to hide in the one air-conditioned room in their houses — taking this personal AC and staying cool everywhere.

Blaux Portable AC: A powerful portable AC unit to beat the heat

Blaux personal air conditioner is made for carrying — not only does it fit inside all travel bags, but it also has a convenient handle on the back. Furthermore, it is completely cordless.

What Is Blaux Portable AC?
Blaux Portable AC is the new completely moveable air conditioner that has been launched this summer. Unlike regular air conditioners which need to be attached to a wall. It can be brought along to every place, the bedroom, kitchen, or even the office.

Blaux personal air conditioner is made for carrying — not only does it fit inside all travel bags, but it also has a convenient handle on the back. The top of the device has an opening for pouring water and an LED screen, which indicates the air cooler’s battery status. The front is where the cool air comes from — it passes through the vent openings.

This device isn’t just an air cooler; it’s also a humidifier and a filter. For customers who are prone to allergies and colds and for those who feel their skin feel itchy and irritated, Blaux Portable AC can help them with these issues. Blaux Portable air conditioner adds much-needed moisture to the air and filters out germs and dust particles responsible for allergies.

Furthermore, Blaux Portable AC is completely cordless, so there’s no need to look for an outlet everywhere it is intended to be placed. It has a powerful battery to get through a whole summer day. Once the LED screen indicates that the power is low, all that is needed is to plug it into a USB-C power adapter and leave it for a few hours. This is a widely used type of cable as it is the standard for charging and transferring data among all laptops, cell phones and other tech devices.

Who Can Use Blaux Portable AC?
This air cooler is perfect for the whole family. It cools rapidly, but it’s also completely customizable, featuring three fan speeds and an adjustable air vent. Since the product was designed to be a personal device it can become difficult to share.

To support families obtaining a Blaux Portable AC unit for every family member, the company has designed a set of packages and price reductions which can be reviewed at the Blaux Portable AC official website.

How does Blaux Portable AC Work?
For many customers who might be skeptical about Blaux Portable AC power, there is a good number of Blaux Portable AC reviews, like Matt F. mentions:

“When I first bought it, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I mean, it sounds too good to be true, right? But after testing it for a few times, I have to wonder how I could ever survive summer without it.”

“There’s nothing better than spending some time outside, and then coming in and turning on your Blaux Portable AC. And instead of only sitting in the living room where my air conditioner is, I can move around the house and still feel pleasantly cool!” mentioned Kelly D. on her Blaux Portable AC review.

This AC is extremely easy to use — even for customers who are not tech savvy or don’t know much about air conditioners. It only needs to have water poured into the device, put in a replaceable water curtain, and turn it on. In only thirty seconds, the cool air breeze will start to blow through the vent.

Blaux Portable AC Main Features

  • Portable. This adjective is in the very name of the product, so this feature is no surprise. But regular fans are technically also portable, though nowhere near as much as this air cooler. Just pick it by its strap and carry it anywhere.
  • Cordless and long runtime. Say goodbye to annoying cords and cables. Blaux Portable AC is battery-powered, so just plug it in once in a while when it discharges. And the battery is strong enough to keep the device running all day.
  • Humidifier. Dry eyes, itchy skin, sore throat — no one wants that. If customers suspect that the culprit is the lack of moisture in the air, then Blaux Portable AC is a great solution. Not only does it cool the air, but it also adds humidity to it, making it much more pleasant to breathe.
  • Works as a filter. There’s no need to buy a separate filter for dust and germs. This air cooler doubles as an air filter too.
  • Easy to maintain. The Blaux Portable AC needs barely any maintenance involved. The company suggests only to wipe it down once in a while, clean the fans, and change the water curtain every six months.
  • LED screen. The LED screen on the top of the device indicates the status of the air cooler and shows when the power is low. This can also be used as pleasant mood lighting — it gives off a soft and calming glow.

Overall, Blaux Portable AC reviews have been positive and the company has received a flow of affirmative feedback.

This product was designed to help cool down in the hot summer and improve the quality of the air, keeping it at an affordable price.

The company has decided to apply a 30 days money back guarantee. Currently the Blaux Portable AC can be purchased at their official site.

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