Boink Live Streaming Announced Today, They Will Change the Corporation's Name to Vuuzle Media Corporation for Branding and Distribution Centered Around the OTT Merger

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Michael Gilburd the C.E.O for Boink Live Streaming, announced today that Boink Live Streaming Corporation would be changing its name to VUUZLE.MEDIA.

Michael Gilburd

Michael Gilburd the C.E.O for Boink Live Streaming, announced today that Boink Live Streaming Corporation would be changing its name to VUUZLE.MEDIA. Prophecy the C.T.O for Boink Live said, “the current Mobile application on Apple IOS and Google Android would also be changing from BONK BE LIVE to VUUZLE.LIVE.

Prophecy the new C.T.O for Boink Live streaming said, “OTT names and branding are all tied to worlds of television and digital video. OTT stands for “over-the-top,” the term used for the delivery of film and TV content via the internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite”.

Michael Gilburd the C.E.O for Boink Live Streaming said, “In the world, today “Over-the-top” is the most powerful term in entertainment right now, not the least of which it sits at the center of the inevitable and unstoppable merger between video streaming and television”.

VUUZLE.LIVE will now give the users and viewers an introduction that will permit advertisers to evaluate how the distribution relationship is running within the new mobile streaming application”.

Under the management of Boink Live streaming, the Board of directors and advisors agreed that OTT applications matter because of what they entail about the future. As video streaming services such as Netflix have already shown, people are starting to tire of paying the major cable and satellite ridiculous amounts of money to consume media.

The rise in popularity of OTT applications further shows that people are tired of bundling together multiple services when all they really need are certain aspects of each service. Before OTT applications, if a person wanted to watch HBO they had to subscribe to the relevant cable or satellite package to receive it. Now, however, people can simply download that standalone OTT application HBO NOW and enjoy HBO content without having to pay for a corresponding cable package.

For the first time in the history of media, consumers are starting to affect the profits of major content providers by refusing to pay for services and bundles that were once considered essential. Only time will show what the true effects of OTT applications will have on the world of media, however, we believe that media companies are about to experience one of the most major shifts in broadcasting since the invention of cable.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a video displays millions! Live video streaming needs no formal introduction today. The mainstream tech world has blessed us with instant connectivity and live streaming apps. Mobile phones have transformed the way people used to communicate and entertain and expanded the horizons for mobile app marketing.

In the midst of emerging technology, Android and iOS phones have opted as the favorite and reliable sources of entertainment. However, streaming videos on these phones require live streaming apps. VUUZLE MEDIA’S new Mobile application will be used for streaming, watching the latest entertainment, TV series, movies, sports, news, and more media.

In 2006 a new Idea started to be built under the code name, “project Holy Grail”. This new software will soon be ready to release by VUUZLE MEDIA in 2019. Project Holy Grail was green-lighted to become a world-changing historical event for people using smartphones, desktops, iPad’s and laptops.

John lamb President for Boink Live streaming said With The number of mobile phone users in the world expected to pass five billion by 2019, the mobile phone penetration is foretasted to continue to grow, rounding up to 67 percent with Billions of people who need and want the new Holy Grail Software.

Project Holy Grail will change the way people organize their lives on smart devices and computers forever. The good news is with the new VUUZLE.MEDIA, all smart devices, computers, and desktops will be able to use the new patented software.

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