Build Your Defense Against Cryptojacking, an Increasing Threat

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Security tips to protect against cryptojacking from Almi Dumi, eMazzanti Technologies InfoSec Team—in a new website article

Business leaders should take the cryptojacking threat seriously and implement measures to avoid being victimized.

A NYC area IT consultant and MSP presents cyber-security tips to protect against the growing threat of cryptojacking in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. In clear language, the article briefly explains how cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin work and how cryptominers use raw computing power to support the system and earn new coin.

The informative article goes on to describe how unscrupulous cryptominers hijack unsuspecting computer users’ processors to lower the cost of the required computations and increase their profits. The article concludes by recommending a multi-facetted cryptojacking defense strategy.

“With the rise of cryptocurrencies, methods of cheating others by stealing their computing resources to game the system were inevitable,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Business leaders should take the cryptojacking threat seriously and implement measures to avoid being victimized.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Build Your Defense Against Cryptojacking, an Increasing Threat.”

Mining for Cryptocurrency

“More often, individuals earn cryptocurrency through a process called mining. Miners solve the complex mathematical equations used to verify digital transactions and release new cryptocoins into circulation. In return, they are rewarded with cryptocurrency.”

“Over time, the complexity of the equations has increased, requiring more and more processing power. A single high-end computer might take years to solve the equations that result in a cryptocoin. But with an array of computers, a miner can turn a profit. Enter cryptojacking.”

Cryptojacking: An Increasing Threat

“Why buy a farm of computers and the electricity to run them when you can simply borrow the processing power from unsuspecting victims? Unscrupulous cryptominers have turned to hijacking computers, networks and even mobile devices to use the processing power to earn cryptocoins.”

“Unlike ransomware, with cryptojacking, you can be a victim and not even be aware that a bad actor has taken over your device’s processing power. The most tell-tale signs are increased CPU usage, an overheated device and higher electrical bills. For an organization, this can significantly drain both resources and budget.”

Multi-faceted Defense

As the threat from cryptojacking grows, individuals and businesses need to ramp up security measures. Users should never click suspicious links and avoid downloading files from unknown sources. They should ensure that antivirus software looks for cryptomining and keep it up-to-date.

Leaders who suspect their business has been affected by cryptojacking, or who want to prevent the problem before it occurs, should reach out to eMazzanti Technologies. The company’s cyber-security experts will conduct an assessment to determine the existence of cryptomining code on all devices and organization web sites.

After an initial assessment, the team will help to implement next generation protocols and multi-layer security to guard against future attack. eMazzanti monitors networks 24/7 for threats, yielding the peace of mind needed to focus on core business issues.

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