Burcon Chiropractic Research Institute in Grand Rapids, MI Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Discovering the Cause of Meniere's Disease

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Join us Saturday, November 9th from 10 am until 2 pm. All services by donation of your choice to tax deductible Upper Cervical Advocates.

Dr. Mike gave Kris her her life back, and he gave me my wife back, Greg Wieman.

20th Anniversary Open House, Saturday, November 9, 2019, 10 am-2 pm. Call Jane at 616-575-9990 to schedule your appointment. All treatment available for your tax deductible donation to help cover James Tomasi's (of the Upper Cervical Advocates) health care medical bills. His books (What Time Tuesday?) available free at our office, first come first serve.

Inner Ear Fluids Imbalances in Meniere’s Disease
Between Blood and CranioSacral Fluid

The human skull is a semi-closed hydraulic system securing the brain, blood and cerebrospinal fluid. Eliminating the brain with unremarkable MRI diagnosing Meniere’s disease, if one of the two fluid capacities is raised, the other must be lowered. Based on one thousand MD patients studied, it is hypothesized that approximately ninety one percent have normal pressure hydrocephalus caused by cerebellar tonsillar ectopia resulting from whiplash/concussion trauma. Idiopathic intercranial pressure admits too much CSF into inner ear via internal auditory canal, lowering blood supply by as much as forty percent.

Detailed case histories were taken with an emphasis on head and neck injuries an average of fifteen years prior to onset of Meniere’s symptoms. Pattern was established utilizing thermography and Burcon Cervical Specific 10 Step Protocol, determining when and where to adjust. Upper cervical adjustment listings were obtained by Blair x-ray analysis. Lower cervical listings were determined by Pierce Results.

One thousand MD patients were followed for a minimum of one year, checked a minimum of twelve times. On a scale of zero to ten using a patient questionnaire, vertigo, aural fullness and nausea improved by eighty percent or more in 91% percent of cases. Audiogram tests demonstrated hearing improved by sixty percent or more in 30% of cases. Significant improvements in tinnitus were 19%. Negative finding was an increase in severity or frequency of headaches in 2%.

Intracranial hypertension may represent the shared pathogenetic step explaining the large epidemiological comorbidity between migraine and vestibular symptoms, conceptualized as vestibular migraine.
The ears processing centers architecture is designed genetically, and subject to modification by stresses presented during development, rendering some more vulnerable to disease. Traumas to the head and neck, concussions and whiplash injuries, set the stage for significant problems, an average of fifteen years later.

Testimonial letter from satisfied patient, he approved it for publication:

July 23, 2017
Nine years ago my life began to change. It started with a sudden popping in my left ear and then a loud ringing noise that eventually left me legally deaf in my ear. This persisted until four years ago when I began to get sudden-unexplainable episodes of vertigo which have lasted as long as four hours at a time with bouts of nausea and vomiting. The last symptom to surface was brain fog, which made it difficult for form words, followed by severe fatigue or me to speak. When this would happen I would basically crash and have to sleep it off. I went to several doctors throughout the last nine years with undergoing blood tests, hearing test, MRI with finally a diagnosis of Meniere’s disease. I was prescribed various types of medications, which did not work, and either made me extremely tired or increased my vertigo.

I noticed that the change of season made it worse, especially spring and summer, so I took double doses of allergy medicine, which helped only slightly. There became a point where I gave up and determined that this was how I would have to live my life. There were no answers because every doctor I went to (even the ENT that specialized in Meniere) did not know the cause or even how to treat it. Their answer was to unhook my left ear, which I was leaning towards. My wife refused to believe this would be how our lives would have to be lived, so she began to research Meniere’s on the Internet to see if there was anything we had missed.

There was one name that kept coming up, Dr. Michael Burcon in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Together, we read everything we could find about his research and watched testimonials and health talks on you tube. My wife called Dr. Burcon’s office and spoke to his wife, Jane. She was very helpful and provided her with a wealth of information. She was comforting and supportive and for the first time, there seemed to be hope. Together my wife and I decided it was worth a trip from Virginia to Michigan to participate in Dr. Burcon’s one-week intensive program and I was scheduled to go the first week in June. I met Dr. Burcon, Monday June 5, 2017 and my day began with a comprehensive assessment, which consisted of an examination, x-rays, and my medical history. I had my first manipulation that day.

The second day, I returned for another day of treatment, which began with a manipulation. My hearing returned with the second manipulation. I was able to put my cell phone to my left ear and call my wife. When I left the office that day, I heard the wind blowing in my ear. I continued with Dr. Burcon throughout the week and returned home on June 10th. During the week I spent with Dr. Burcon, I did not experience any bouts of vertigo, brain fog, and my hearing in my left ear returned. The ringing in my ear continued, however it didn’t seem as loud because I could hear things around me with my left ear.

Additionally, I met other people who had Meniere’s and realized that there are others who suffer from symptoms a lot worse than I do. Dr. Burcon was good about educating me about my body and the causes of the symptoms that I have endured. Burcon Chiropractic was such a supportive and caring environment to be in and my experience there was amazing. Since returning home, I have found an Axis Orthogonal Chiropractor, to continue the treatment that Dr. Burcon started. Lucky for me, he knows of Dr. Burcon and highly respects him and his research.

I continue to progress and my symptoms continue to be managed. In summary, Dr. Burcon has changed my life!! He has helped me and found the cause and treatment for Meniere’s when no other doctor could. Because of my time in Michigan, I understand that the symptoms I have are because of my neck being out of alignment (caused by several accidents when I was younger) and with help from an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor, my symptoms can be managed and I can live a normal life. I am so glad that I took a chance and went to Michigan to work with Dr. Burcon. My experience there was positive from the minute I walked into his office and met his wife until I left to return to Virginia. What he has done for people with Meniere’s is encouraging and life changing. I will be returning to Michigan next year to see him again; after all he gave me my life back.

All My Best,
Tony Young

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