Business Re-Openings May Give Rise to Rodent Infestations

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Pest control expert & CEO/Founder of EarthKind® Kari Warberg Block advises immediate pest control action and what to expect as commercial businesses make efforts to reopen.

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Vacant restaurants, offices, stores and food manufacturing facilities may have been doubling as a safe haven for opportunistic rodents and pests during lockdown. Now is the perfect time to act fast and be proactive in pest prevention efforts before reopening.

An increase in rodent sightings and infestations across the US comes as an unprecedented effect of business closures as the nation works to stop the spread of COVID-19. Pest control expert Kari Warberg Block, CEO/Founder of plant-based pest prevention company EarthKind®, warns that as some commercial businesses make moves to gradually re-open, they should prepare to encounter some unpleasant surprises upon their return.

“Vacant restaurants, offices, stores and food manufacturing facilities may have been doubling as a safe haven for opportunistic rodents and pests during lockdown,” explains Warberg Block, “Pests are non-discretionary, so as they scavenge for food and shelter, the lack of human interference in buildings, coupled with potential company reductions in pest management services, may have created a perfect nesting place for rodents to harbor out in,” she adds, “Mice only need a hole the size of a dime to enter, but can multiply fast and wreak havoc on electrical wiring, plumbing and building structures. Restaurants and food manufacturers are obviously the most at risk for invasion, so it will really depend on how foods were stored and sealed before closure.”

But a change in human behaviors means a change in rodent behaviors, too. Business closures cut off rodents’ main source of food. “With no trash being taken outside or consumers out and about, littering and throwing away trash, rodents are forced to come out of hiding spots and take action to find other food, which is why there have been swarms of rats out in the open in cities like New Orleans, New York and DC, and is also why homeowners are seeing an increase of them in their homes.”

Indoors, rodents will be attracted to food pantries, uncovered garbage cans, stored seeds and pet or animal food. To keep mice out, eliminate their entry points and food sources. Store food in air-tight containers, use garbage cans with a fitted lid, and seal gaps around the openings of electrical wires, and around windows, door ledges, holes underneath doors, opt for a plant-based repellent like EarthKind® Stay Away® Rodent rather than using traps and poisons.

When it comes to a plan of action for businesses, Warberg Block urges that “Now is the perfect time to act fast and be proactive in pest prevention efforts before reopening,” Pest control management is deemed an essential business, but rather than conventional approaches, Warberg Block advocates for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods as an effective, environmentally-sensitive alternative that reduces the use of pesticides and gets to the root of what’s drawing pests in. EarthKind® recently began IPM efforts in the commercial sphere with EPA-registered Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent.

EarthKind’s Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent for commercial use is proven to be highly effective by independent lab and field studies and is the only bio-pesticide rodent repellent registered for use indoors and enclosed areas. Fresh Cab® has a non-toxic mode of action to target pests and has no required human, animal, or environmental label warnings. Fresh Cab® requires no Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to apply to target areas, making it easy to apply.

“As we navigate through this time of uncertainty, we have to be smart, proactive and safe in more ways than one. With the right plan of action, businesses can reduce risk and effects of costly, damaging infestations while being kind to our environment and reducing the use of hazardous chemicals. Together, we can create a world of protection for the safety and health of our businesses, homes and environment.”

Media interested in learning more about EarthKind® or interviewing CEO/Founder Kari Warberg Block, please contact Sara White at or 914-621-1323.

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