California is Breaking Records in the Solar Realm, Green Solar Technologies Founder Comments

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Nicki Zvik shares his thoughts on California's leadership in the world of solar energy.

Nicki Zvik, Founder of Green Solar Technologies

As a solar energy leader, the state of California has begun to hit its stride. According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times by Sammy Roth, the state recently broke two solar records: "the most solar power ever flowing on the state's main electric grid, and the most solar power ever taken offline because it wasn't needed."

Nicki Zvik, Founder of Green Solar Technologies based in Los Angeles, is very encouraged to learn of the news, noting, "It's great to hear that California and its residents are continuing to set new standards for how we create and manage our energy, and to know that we are leading by example for the rest of the country. We're proving that solar energy is far beyond being considered a luxury alternative; rather, it's becoming increasingly accepted as the mainstream and will eventually eliminate the need for fossil fuels."

California's record-breaking solar production is edging the state closer to their goal of relying on purely alternative forms of energy and becoming 100 percent emissions-free by 2045. In 2018, previous Gov. Jerry Brown announced this ambitious goal for California, and according to an article published on National Public Radio (NPR) by Camila Domonoske, "The bill specifically requires that 50 percent of California's electricity to be powered by renewable resources by 2025 and 60 percent by 2030, while calling for a "bold path" toward 100 percent zero-carbon electricity by 2045."

On the surface, it may seem that California's excess production of solar energy means that the state could consider reducing its solar energy production, but the opposite is true.

Nicki Zvik explains why the recent achievements indicate that the state should expand its solar installations, stating, "California utility companies are continuing to increase the amount of energy they require from alternative forms of energy. Because California has a goal to become 100 percent renewable, the utility companies will have to adapt by generating more electricity from solar, including whatever they can purchase from residents who have installed rooftop panels. So while we are currently producing excess solar energy, we will eventually put that energy and more to use."

Zvik contends that the more solar energy California or any state produces, the cheaper electricity should be. "Solar is inherently inexpensive for both the utility companies and homeowners, so the less utility companies have to pay for energy, the less electricity should cost homeowners who don't have PV systems installed," he notes. "But for those who do have rooftop panels, the cost will be even less. Other than purchasing the proper equipment and having it installed, solar energy is completely free of cost and can even be a source of income by selling any unneeded electricity back to the utility companies."

Leaders in the solar industry and alternative energy advocates are hoping that California's accomplishments encourage other states to explore solar as a leading source of energy.

Zvik comments, "Solar energy has the clear benefit of contributing to a healthier environment for everyone, but its advantages go far beyond just that. With rapidly advancing technology, solar continues to decrease in cost at exponential rates, allowing us to free ourselves from the shackles of obscenely-expensive and polluting fossil fuels. It's surely only a matter of time before other states follow California's lead and begin to reap the financial benefits of solar, and most importantly helping to create a sustainable environment for ourselves and future generations."

Nicki Zvik is the founder of Green Solar Technologies and Spectrum Properties LLC.

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