Canal Calem Periodontics Treats Lip and Tongue Ties in Cherry Hill, NJ with Gentle Frenectomy Care

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Canal Calem Periodontics now welcomes new patients from Cherry Hill, NJ for frenectomy treatment with or without a referral. A frenectomy removes the small portion of tissue inside the mouth that can cause tongue tie or lip tie.

The Periodontists and Staff at Canal Calem Periodontics in Cherry Hill, NJ

Canal Calem Periodontics Offers Gentle Frenectomies in Cherry Hill, NJ

This procedure, when completed by experienced periodontists like Drs. Canal and Calem, takes approximately 10 minutes after the treatment site is numbed with local anesthetic.

Drs. Mario Canal and Ben Calem expand their dental services and welcome patients in Cherry Hill, NJ for frenectomy treatment without the necessity of a referral. A frenectomy reverses the effects of tongue tie, a condition that hinders proper movement of the tongue, as well as lip tie which restricts the upper lip.

The frenulum is a small fold of tissue that attaches the upper lip to the gums, located between the two front teeth, or the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. If this tissue is too restrictive, it can cause the gums to recede above the front teeth, hinder infant feeding and proper speech, make it difficult to fully close the mouth, leave a gap between the two front teeth, and interfere with the comfort and fit of dentures and braces. Along with causing functional issues, the presence of the frenulum can be aesthetically displeasing.

A frenectomy in Cherry Hill, NJ removes a portion or all of the frenulum, releasing the tongue or lip to proper function. This procedure, when completed by experienced periodontists like Drs. Canal and Calem, takes approximately 10 minutes after the treatment site is numbed with local anesthetic. During the procedure, Drs. Canal or Calem remove the frenulum, then suture the incision closed to encourage proper healing. A small-scale surgery, patients can return to normal activities within a few days.

Without restricted movement, the lips and tongue are free to move properly. This treatment enables proper nursing and eating, swallowing and speaking, eliminates discomfort or pain, reduces gum recession, ensures the proper fit of dentures, and enhances orthodontic treatment, improving overall comfort and function.

Drs. Canal and Calem have over 50 years of combined experience in periodontics, the field of dentistry specialized in treating soft tissue concerns. They are uniquely qualified to provide frenectomy treatment for patients of any age, including infants. Using time-tested techniques and modern dental tools, Drs. Canal and Calem can treat lip tie and tongue tie minimally invasively, enhancing the function, comfort, and appearance of their patients’ smiles. They provide this specialized and experienced care to patients in the Cherry Hill and surrounding areas at both their Medford and Moorestown, NJ locations.

Patients in Cherry Hill, NJ seeking frenectomy treatment for lip tie or tongue tie can visit to schedule an appointment.

About the Practice

Canal Calem Periodontics offers modern periodontal treatments for patients in Moorestown and Medford, NJ. Since 1993, Canal Calem Periodontics has been a resource in South Jersey for providing comprehensive periodontal and implant therapy. Working closely with the general dentist, Drs. Mario J. Canal and Ben Calem strive to improve their patients’ oral health and re-develop their dentition, where necessary. Both Drs. Canal and Calem are active in the community through their involvement with Donated Dental Services and The Holocaust Survivor’s Program. In addition, their strong belief in organized dentistry has led them both to serve as President of the Southern Dental Society. To learn more about the services they offer or to schedule a consultation at Canal Calem Periodontics visit or call 609-534-5541 for the Medford, NJ office or 856-203-6588 for the Moorestown, NJ location.

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