Cannabinoid Biosciences Inc. Selects Primetrust’s as the Escrow Company for its Crowdfunding Campaign

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Cannabinoid Biosciences Inc. has selected Primetrust’s to be the escrow company for its $50 million crowdfund about to launch later this month. The company believed that this selection will facilitate a hassle-free investment and tracking processes for its investors. CBDZ CEO Ms. Patience C. Ogbozor believes that selecting Fundamerica for our escrow would boost our fundraising campaign for these 10 reasons.

Cannabinoid Biosciences Inc. has selected Primetrust’s to be the escrow company for its $50 million crowdfund about to launch later this month. The company believed that this selection will facilitate a hassle-free investment and tracking processes for its investors. CBDZ CEO Ms. Patience C Ogbozor believes that selecting Fundamerica for our escrow would boost our fundraising campaign for these 10 reasons.

10 Reasons selection of Fundamerica would boost sales of CBDZ (CBD-Hemp-Cannabis) Stocks @$10 Per Share
The signing of the 2018 Farm Bill by President Donald Trump into law opened a lot of possibilities for the CBD-Hemp sector and its auxiliary services industry including CBD/Hemp farming, manufacturing, trading and investing.
It could be a smart move to make the most from the marijuana, CBD, hemp craze by investing in the CBDZ, the first female-controlled CBD IPO in the USA and Canada.

About CBDZ
Cannabinoid Biosciences Inc. (CBDZ), a California-based biopharmaceutical company, is selling shares. CBDZ’s mission is to revolutionize and standardize both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical CBD products in the USA and globally.

CBDZ Stocks
Registered under Common Stock under Reg. A+ to sell at $10 per share, the minimum investment in CBDZ is 10 shares at $100.

CBDZ is buying 10 dispensaries at $49 million. The dispensaries have an annual revenue of $54 Million. CBDZ plans to do an IPO and get listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ and Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

1. With as little as $100 you can have 10 shares in CBDZ
When it comes to investments a little goes a long way. There are tremendous growth opportunities for shares in the CBD market and at $10, is prized to be affordable to the little guy (investors).

2. CBDZ intend to be listed on the NASDAQ in no distance future
CBDZ’s plans to list on NYSE, Nasdaq or/and CSE will likely boost the company value given the current sales multiple being commanded by cannabis companies on the exchanges. With CBDZ buying 10 dispensaries at $49 million, it anticipates net profits of about $17 million from an annual revenue of about $54 million. What’s more, many shares listed on Nasdaq has a price to revenue of between $131 and $215 times.

3. CBDZ has a competitive edge
The hemp and CBD industry is new with the 2018 Farm Bill legalization. As such, it is a new industry with new participants and a great opportunity to enter the market and establish a business line.

4. CBD’s Plan to Operate 10 Profitable Dispensaries
CDBZ plans to dominate but the online and brick and mortar aspect of CBD distribution across the United States. As online sales continue to rise, some consumers still prefer buying products in brick-and-mortar retail shops. By operating dispensaries in the USA, the availability of CBD products to the USA market will increase.

5. CBD and Hemp are legal in the USA
The Hemp Farming Act regulates the farming of hemp as a product that is legal and no longer a controlled substance. It removes restrictions of farming and selling hemp and puts a clear distinction between hemp and marijuana.

6. CBDZ stocks could be a great long term investment with anticipated long-term profits
CBD is growing faster than cannabis in the U.S. and will soon be a $22 billion industry. By 2020 hemp sales are projected to reach $2.1 billion. According to the Hemp Business Journal, in 2017 even before hemp was legal in the USA, hemp sales were $820 million. With Brightfield Group, a cannabis research firm findings showing sales of hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) in 2017 in the USA was about $291 million. Brightfield anticipates that the CBD mainstream market will likely grow by up to 40 times to $22 Billion by 2022.

7. The demand for medicinal and recreational Marijuana is at an all-time high
As a potential shareholder, it is important to understand the CBD oil industry. Studies has shown that CBD (Cannabidiol) oil has many health benefits. Studies have shown that CBD helps in combating stress, and anxiety.

8. Various cross-pollination opportunities in the CBD-Marijuana-Hemp Industry
Some studies have claimed Hemp to be a miracle plant with up to 25,000 derivatives including building and construction materials, bioplastics, pharmaceutical products, and food products. As such, the hemp industry is large and presents a lot of trading opportunities in many sectors of the economy. As the popularity of hemp grows, it also influences the growth of CBD products increasing their demand in the USA and the world at large.
Furthermore, hemp is an eco-friendly plant and the use of its derivatives is one of the ways of reducing global warming.

9. CBD and Hemp is Growing in Popularity in the USA and Globally
Studies showed the use of CBD oil to manage various conditions including PMS pains, anxiety, stress, and pet-related conditions is on the high and is continuing to gain popularity in the USA and globally. CBD is natural and has no known major side effects. CBD is used for dealing with conditions in human beings and pets.

10. An Opportunity to Join the New Hemp / CBD Industry
Many other industries are established. The industrial hemp plant was demonized since the 1930s and was legally categorized as a controlled substance. Following the passing and signing of the Farm Bill, the plant is now legal in the USA under federal law. What does this mean? You have an opportunity to be among the founders in the industry. Hemp is new and as farmers and manufacturers try to get a slice of the hemp cake, you also have an opportunity to get a share by investing in CBDZ stocks.

About Cannabinoid Biosciences Inc.

Cannabinoid Biosciences
Meta description: Cannabinoid Biosciences, Inc., (“CBDZ”) is a biopharmaceutical company with interests in the discovery, development, and commercialization of medical cannabis products.

CBDZ’s mission is to revolutionize and standardize the pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceutical CBD products across the CBD market in the United States of America and to some extent, globally. CBDZ seeks to control the production and distribution of verities of consumer cannabidiol (CBD) formulation under private brands in the United States. CBDZ’s goal is to bring standardization to the CBD industry, the same way that John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil brought standardization to crude refining in the United States in the nineteenth century.

CBDZ is also seeking interest and control interest in the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel drugs using different cannabis products —proprietary cannabinoid, cannabidiol, endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, and synthetic cannabinoid products. Its operating strategy is research and development and pipeline acquisition. The company’s aim using this approach, is to develop quality plant-derived cannabinoid therapeutic products for specific medical conditions and diseases and to commercialise them through collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. Notably, the strategy has already resulted in GW Pharmerceutical’s production of the first cannabis plant-derived medicine ever approved by the FDA, Epidiolex®, a cannabidiol-based formulation for seizures associated with two forms of drug-resistant epilepsy syndromes.

CBDZ’s product lineup includes tinctures, capsules, gummies, bath bombs, vape oils, topical creams, and animal treats and oils. The company will sell its products directly to consumers through the company Website, as well as non-affiliated stores in about 40 states. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Industry Analysis

The global cannabis industry has been witnessing tremendous growth in recent years. In 2018 alone, global cannabis sales hit $12.2 billion, with an expectation of over 30% growth for 2019. The use of medical cannabis has been given the green light in 33 states while 10 states have also legalized its recreational use. The Californian cannabis industry alone is expected to be worth $6.6 billion by 2020. By the same year, the total US-based market might have as well increased to $23 billion — from just the $3.4 billion valuation in 2015.

However, there is a problem. For someone seeking a bargain, getting in on the ground floor of cannabis investment has become prohibitively expensive. This fact can be perfectly illustrated with the $1.8 billion deal whereby Altria, the Marlboro cigarette manufacturer, paid $250 per 1$ of Cronos’ revenue to acquire a 45% stake in the Canadian cannabis company which generated only $16 million in annual revenue in its most recent fiscal year. Also, the current average market capitalization to revenue of $131 per $1 for publicly traded cannabis businesses makes it almost impossible to find bargain deals in the cannabis investment space.

Cannabinoid Biosciences, Inc. (“CBDZ”): Aims to make CBD/Cannabis Investment More Accessible to the general public at the ground level.

As a result of the currently high barriers, there is a need for the provision of bargain cannabis investment deals for ordinary investors. Cannabinoid Biosciences (“CBDZ”) is currently meeting that need. Driven by the belief that cannabis should be an open investment opportunity for all, the company has proposed a stock offering of 5,000,000 shares available to anyone, accredited or non-accredited investors — and even to those who do not have a stock brokerage account!

At $10 per share, for as little as $100, you can become an owner of nine shares of the company, the minimum investment plan it offers, before it finally lists on an exchange. Hence, with the offering, you would be purchasing licensed cannabis businesses at less than $2 in market cap for every $1 of revenue generated, which is far below the industry average. As spelled out in its Reg A + filing, the company plans to use the expected $50 million crowdfunded funds to purchase 10 dispensaries with cultivation licenses in a multi-state rollup.

CBDZ’s plan is to list on a major Canadian or US-based exchange such as CSE, NYSE, or Nasdaq. After its public listing, compared to the current NASDAQ/NYSE listed pool of Cannabis companies, CBDZ can ultimately have as much as $54 million in revenue. Also, it can attain a robust profitability of $17 million. Most exciting is the prospect that the company’s valuation can be as high as $7.1 billion after the listing.

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