Car Insurance 2020 Guide: What Are The Most Common Car Insurance Myths?

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“It’s quite common to hear someone saying that having a red car will make you pay more. And there are many other myths that are easily debunked”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has released a new blog post that presents the most common car insurance myths and why these claims have no support.

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The general public still has some misconceptions about the auto insurance market and premiums’ costs. Part superstition, part poor knowledge, the following myths are still something we hear very often. The most common myths include:

  • Red car owners pay more expensive premiums. Red is considered an aggressive color and it is commonly associated with sports cars and risky driving behaviors. However, the color of the car has no importance for insurance providers. Instead, other factors, like safety gear or recent customizations, will influence the rates.
  • “No-fault policy” means that a guilty driver will be forgiven for the accident. This term may confuse the driver. No-fault, in this case, means that the insurance company will reimburse the policyholder, no matter who caused the accident. The guilty driver will have his premiums increased. Only Accident Forgiveness programs can absolve the driver for his first at-fault accident. Of course, there are some limits for this coverage option
  • An accident caused by a person who borrowed the car will be covered by the owner’s policy. This is totally false and policyholders should carefully pay attention to the insurance terms. If the car is driven by an unregistered driver, he will not be covered. Besides having the claim rejected, the policyholder may be dropped by his company.

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