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“Obtaining cheaper car insurance is not that difficult. There are several clever methods any driver can apply in order to save money on car insurance,” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents several methods drivers can use in order to get lower car insurance rates.

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The main reason for shopping online is to obtain the lowest car insurance deal possible. However, policyholders that own only the minimum required coverage can be put in a difficult situation when an accident happens. In many cases, the minimum coverage is not enough to cover all the expenses. That’s why policyholders should get more than minimum coverage, and then try to lower their premiums.

To get lower car insurance rates, policyholders should follow the next tips:

  • Consider buying a safe car. One important factor that can affect the price of insurance is the safety rating of a vehicle. Drivers that are planning to buy a new vehicle should check what vehicles are considered safe and, thus easier and cheaper to insure. Drivers can check the safety ratings of vehicles by going to websites of IIHS and NHTSA. Policyholders can also improve the safety rating of their current vehicles. There are numerous aftermarket safety devices that can make a car safer. However, drivers should contact their insurers, before installing any safety devices, and ask them what safety devices are approved and how much they can save on insurance.
  • Attend and graduate a defensive driving course or a refresher course. During these courses, drivers will learn how to better identify road obstacles and how to avoid them. Also, they can improve their driving skills and learn new safe driving techniques. Graduating a defensive driving course will make the insurance company provide a discount that usually is 10% of insurance costs for the next 5 years. Senior drivers are recommended to attend refresher courses and get in touch with the latest safety devices and safe driving tips.
  • Combine multiple policies offered by the same company. One effective way that can help policyholders to save money on car insurance, is to combine all the available policies to one insurer. Besides saving money on insurance, bundling policies can be convenient, as policyholders will have one contract with one carrier for all of their insurance needs.
  • Driver fewer miles and see if you qualify for a low-mileage discount. Insurance companies consider that drivers that spend less time in traffic are less likely to be involved in accidents. For this reason, they encourage drivers to drive less by offering a substantial low-mileage discount. To qualify for this discount, drivers will have to drive fewer miles than a certain limit that is different from one provider to another.

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