Car Insurance 2020 Info: What Are Car Insurance Claim Adjusters

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“Drivers are recommended to cooperate with claim adjusters up to a certain point. If a claim adjuster settlement is too low, drivers should bring documents and arguments, and offer a counter-proposal,” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director

If a policyholder had a car accident, he will likely want to file an insurance claim under his policy or the other’s driver policy. Once a claim is made, an insurance adjuster that works for the insurer will contact the policyholder. An insurance claims adjuster is an insurance company's employee who is charged with investigating the facts of a car accident and negotiating a claim settlement. The adjuster will try to figure out what happened and what the claim is worth.

The claim adjuster will try to gather all the facts and obtain all the information from the policyholder about the accident he was involved in. The insurance adjuster will then see if there is coverage in the policyholders’ policy and then will try to determine who was at fault before settling the value of the auto accident insurance claim.

During the investigation, the claim adjuster can do the following things:

  • Request a copy of the police report for review
  • Contact the other driver
  • Talk with the accident witnesses
  • Visit the place where the accident happened
  • Inspect the car for damages
  • Take images of the car
  • Ask to sign a medical release form in order to view medical records
  • Contact medical providers for information regarding injury expenses

After the documents and details are analyzed and the damage is evaluated, the claim adjuster will start the negotiations in order to settle the claim. The client can refuse or accept the settlement. Policyholders can also offer a counter-proposal if they bring arguments in their favor.

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