Car Insurance 2020 News: What Factors Influence Car Insurance Costs The Most

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“Insurance companies will analyze multiple factors before granting coverage. Some of these factors can be improved by drivers in order to obtain lower insurance rates”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

To determine the insurance rates paid by their customers, the car insurance companies will analyze multiple factors before granting the coverage. The factors that influence car insurance costs the most are the following:

  • The vehicle that is to be insured. Insurance companies will be interested in the car make, model, year of production, safety devices, and other car-related info. With this data, the insurers will find out the price and the number of claims made by that particular model. Models that have a high number of claims or are expensive will cost more to insure.
  • Driving history. Drivers that manage to maintain a clean driving record for a certain number of years will be granted a premium reduction by their insurance companies. On the other hand, drivers that have many felonies in their records will be labeled as high-risk and will have to pay more on their insurance premiums.
  • Where the car is kept. Vehicles that are parked on the road have higher chances to be stolen or damaged by vandals. For this reason, drivers that keep their cars parked on the road will pay higher insurance rates. Policyholders who keep their cars parked in a garage will pay lower insurance rates. Cars that are parked in a garage are rarely stolen and they are protected from vandals and the effects of severe weather.
  • Installed safety devices. The insurance companies will reward those drivers that want to make their cars safer. To do that, drivers can install collision warning systems, rearview cameras, GPS tracking systems, emergency braking systems, cruise control and so on. But before installing any of these devices, drivers should ensure they are approved by their insurers.
  • Living area. Drivers that live in high crime areas where cars are frequently stolen or vandalized will pay more on their insurance compared to those that live in areas where cars are not frequently vandalized or stolen.

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