Car Insurance 2020 Tips: Where To Find Free Car Insurance Quotes

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“Drivers can get free car insurance quotes online really easy and fast,” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents the main places where drivers can get free car insurance quotes and compare multiple offers.

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The internet allows its users to contact multiple insurance websites and get estimates for free. Drivers can obtain these quotes from the following sources:

  • Car insurers own websites. Most car insurance companies own a website that provides quotation services to their clients. Based on the data supplied by the customers, the embedded calculator will estimate their insurance rates. The user will only get price estimates from that company only. To compare multiple rates estimates, he will have to fill multiple quotes at different insurance companies' websites. Each quote is personalized.
  • Brokerage websites. These are the best places to complete car insurance quotes. These are specialized sites that work together with car insurance companies. A customer will have to fill only one questionnaire to get offers from multiple insurers. Local or regional insurance companies also appear in offers results. By filing the same data and choosing the same amount coverage, the significant price difference caused by filing individual quotes from insurers sites will be greatly reduced. That happens because all insurance companies will have to adhere to a standard set of questions provided by the insurance brokerage site.
  • Local insurance department. Although not as popular as the other sources listed in this list, consulting the local insurance department site has its advantages. Drivers get free access to a list of top insurers and some basic rate surveys. Also, drivers can find out details about each insurer complaint ratio. If one insurer has a high complaint ratio, it is better to avoid that company.

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