Car Insurance 2020 Tips: Why Drivers Should Bundle Home And Car Insurance Policies

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“Many drivers resort to bundling when they need to save car insurance money. In many cases, policyholders can manage to save hundreds of dollars per year. However, bundling is not always the best option”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains how drivers can save car insurance money after bundling home insurance and car insurance.

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Bundling is a well-known method used to save car insurance money. Drivers that are bundling at least two insurance policies to the same provider will get a discount. Drivers that want to bundle their policies should contact their new insurers and explain their situations. Then they should cancel their current policies or wait for them to expire before signing a new deal.

Drivers that are bundling their home and car insurance policies should know the following:

  • Bundling can save money. Families can pay several thousand dollars per year on insurance products. In most cases, bundling can save between 5% to 15%. While some persons might believe that bundling can save as much as 50% of insurance costs, the reality is that bundling can save a lot less than that.
  • Other advantages of bundling. First, bundling can significantly reduce the risk of coverage gaps. Insurance providers know that their customers like to bundle, so they have built their policies to be interlocking. By doing so, the risk of coverage gaps is minimized. Secondly, bundling will reduce overlapping between policies. Thirdly, drivers can pay one monthly bill for both car and home insurance. And at last, bundling car and home insurance are convenient by having to deal with one insurance company, one insurance agent and one monthly bill.
  • Disadvantages of bundling. Bundling is not always the right option. In some cases, having separate policies is better. For example, some home insurance providers can offer a driver an insurance deal that is worth $1,100. The actual car insurance provider charges $1,600 on car insurance and they offer a home insurance deal that is worth $1,500. Furthermore, the actual provider can bundle these policies and make an offer that is $2,800. In this case, is better to have two separate policies.

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