Car Insurance Guide 2020: When Should Drivers Drop Their Current Car Insurance Company

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“Drivers must change their insurance providers if they feel they are mistreated or pay more than they should”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

When signing a contract, a client expects professional services, to be respected and to have fair rates. When any of those requirements are not met, the client should look for better options.

  • Customer services must treat each case with care and utmost attention. Dealing with a rude or unresponsive customer support service is really upsetting. And it is a solid reason for switching carriers. If the claim is processed really slow, it is time to look for a better company. Make sure to read customer testimonials before making a change.
  • Inexplicable rate increases are a major concern for many drivers. Before dropping the current carrier, inquire about the price increase. A reliable company should be able to motivate their premiums. A driver with clean records, no claims and always paying the premiums on time usually gets better rates. Be aware that some companies use “price optimization” and charge their clients more with each renewal. They expect that some loyal customer will not check the market periodically.
  • The driver finds better rates after becoming have married. Married drivers almost always pay less for car insurance than single drivers. Make sure to notify your insurance about your nuptials so that your rates can be adjusted. But also check to see if another insurer will offer a greater discount. Remain with the current carrier only if you get the best deals for married drivers.
  • Also, bundling policies may offer you an advantage when switching. If you found better rates when bundling homeowner or life with auto insurance from another carrier, consider switching.
  • Change carrier if you are no longer a teen driver and the current one does not acknowledge the change and adjusts the rates. You’re probably prepared to pay more as teenaged children get their drivers’ licenses. Shop around before simply accepting the new rate from your current insurer. Education and employment also modify the rates. Earning a college degree will lower your rates with some insurers more than others. Also getting a new job with a shorter commute may offer some savings.

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