Car Insurance News: How Are Car Insurance Companies Helping Drivers Cut Off Expenses

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“During these difficult times, when everyone is struggling, drivers are not left alone. Car insurance companies are offering a helping hand to those drivers who have troubles paying their insurance bills”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents how car insurance companies can help drivers during this coronavirus pandemic.

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Drives who have been financially affected by the current COVID-19 outbreak can ask for help from their car insurance companies. Some car insurance providers are offering payment flexibility, they are suspending policy cancellations due to nonpayment, or they are automatically renewing policies even if the drivers can't pay.

During these difficult times for everyone, car insurance companies understand their customers. Drivers who have financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, should contact their car insurance providers and check all the helping options that are available to them. ( presents a list of options that car insurance providers present to their customers that are experiencing financial troubles:

  •     Car insurance providers are offering coronavirus-related payment delays. Many car insurance providers are willing to work with their customers who are financially affected by the COVDI-19 outbreak. Car insurance companies like Allstate, Geico, MetLife, or Progressive are offering assistance in different forms. In general, they offer the possibility to pause cancellation of premiums due to nonpayment,
  •     Insurance companies can suspend car coverage. Suspending coverage pauses the policy but doesn't cancel it. During the period of suspension, drivers will not have a coverage lapse. Also, drivers may need to file an “affidavit of non-use” from their state’s department of motor vehicles to halt state-required auto coverage. This document lets the state know that the drivers won’t use their cars for a given period. Most insurers, including Allstate, CNA, Farmers, Geico, Progressive, and Travelers are pausing policy cancelations of their customers who are having financial difficulties during the coronavirus outbreak.
  •     Insurance providers are offering flexible payments and special payment plans. During these difficult times, car insurance companies are doing all they can to help their customers. Drivers may choose to pay less than their usual amount bill, and the unpaid bill will be evenly distributed among the remaining payments. No matter who provides the car insurance, drivers who are affected by this pandemic should contact their insurers immediately to discuss a custom payment plan.
  •     Insurers allow drivers to reduce their coverage. Another option to explore is the reduction of car coverage. Car insurance companies allow drivers to reduce their coverage during this pandemic. While the car is out of use, drivers shouldn’t pay for unneeded coverage. Drivers should reduce their car coverage to the coverage required by the state law. However, drivers should consider keeping or adding comprehensive coverage that will cover their vehicles for different problems not related to driving like fire, flooding, animal damage, vandalism, and theft.

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