Certrec Supports NuScale Power with Revision 2 Submittal of its Design Certification Application

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NuScale’s DCA Revision 2 submittal very timely and well organized with the help of Certrec

“From the beginning of Certrec’s involvement with NuScale, the project has had a unique energy behind it,” stated Brett McLain.

Certrec, a leading regulatory compliance solution provider, is pleased to announce its participation in the electronic processing and preparation of Revision 2 of the small modular reactor Design Certification Application (DCA) for NuScale Power’s submission to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on October 31, 2018.

NuScale Power is developing a new modular light water reactor nuclear power plant to supply energy for electrical generation, and process heat for industrial applications like district heating and desalination. This groundbreaking small modular reactor (SMR) design features a fully factory-fabricated NuScale Power Module™ capable of generating 60 MW of electricity using a safer, smaller, and scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology. NuScale’s scalable design – a power plant can house up to 12 individual power modules – offers the benefits of carbon-free energy and reduces the financial commitments associated with gigawatt-sized nuclear facilities.

In partnership with NuScale, Certrec deployed its TAKTIX® web-based workflow platform to manage and control the electronic processing of all Requests for Additional Information (RAIs) from the NRC and changes to the DCA. All responses to RAIs and changes to the DCA were initiated, approved, and processed electronically online. The Certrec team processed the final electronic files, meeting exacting government archival standards, and generated the submittal files and DVDs based on content provided by NuScale personnel, which NuScale Power ultimately submitted to the NRC.

Certrec’s web-based, project-collaboration tools, technical editing assistance, and document processing services were used throughout the project to support the successful development and submission of the DCA.

“From the beginning of Certrec’s involvement with NuScale, the project has had a unique energy behind it,” stated Brett McLain, Certrec’s Electronic Documents Manager. “It has been rewarding to watch it evolve from one revision to the next. I am proud of our team for the great job they have done supporting NuScale’s efforts to bring their SMR design to fruition, and we look forward to continuing to help in any way we can.”

”We appreciate the hard work Certrec has offered in helping us reach this significant milestone,” said Tom Bergman, NuScale Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. “This planned revision to our DCA includes very few changes, reflecting the inherent stability of NuScale’s design and our extensive dialogue with the NRC to expedite the path to certification.”

Processing RAIs and changes to the DCA, by teams of people scattered across the country, presents a number of time-sensitive and logistical challenges. Certrec’s TAKTIX web-based platform allowed NuScale project personnel continuous, real-time access to all project materials, regardless of their physical location, significantly streamlining the processes.

“We are extremely proud to be a major partner with NuScale,” said Michelle Thomas, Certrec Operations Director. “NuScale’s design is very important to the future of the nuclear power industry and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the team’s success.”

Certrec’s large-document processing services are in demand. The company currently is involved in several DCA/DCD/COLA projects as well as supporting the ongoing maintenance of several plant UFSARs.

Founded in 1988, Certrec is an engineering and technology-based organization providing regulatory support services in the electric power industry. With more than 1,000 cumulative years of direct industry experience (including nuclear, fossil, and renewables), Certrec has developed exceptional capabilities to support regulatory activities emanating from regulatory entities such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) , the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Regional Entities (NERC), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other regulatory agencies. Certrec's Office of Licensing and Compliance (OLC), Office of Assessment and Recovery (OAR), Office of NERC Compliance (ONC), and Office of New Plant (ONP) services are used by utilities and entities across the United States to help manage the regulatory process to their advantage.

Certrec offers expert assistance from highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who possess degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines (i.e., civil, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear). Additionally, Certrec's staff includes multiple-degreed personnel in physics, communications, a variety of MBAs, and information technology. This highly skilled team has direct working experience in all regulatory areas of licensing, compliance, and engineering, including nuclear, fossil, and renewable generation and transmission.

For more than 30 years, Certrec has been applying its hundreds of years of industry experience to help clients develop and manage solutions to complex regulatory issues. The combination of this direct industry experience with Certrec's information technology assets has led to the development of technology-based solutions and tools directly targeted to the electric power industry and specifically focused on helping clients manage regulatory issues.


NuScale Power is developing a new kind of nuclear plant; a safer, smaller, scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology – a technology initially developed and tested at Oregon State University. Fluor Corporation, a global engineering, procurement, and construction company with a 60-year history in commercial nuclear power, is the majority investor in NuScale. NuScale's design offers the benefits of carbon-free nuclear power and reduces the financial commitments associated with giga-watt size nuclear facilities. NuScale's technology is also ideally suited to supply energy for district heating, desalination, and other process heat applications.

At the heart of our technology is the fully factory fabricated NuScale Power Module™, an integral reactor vessel surrounded by a high pressure steel containment, which when coupled to its factory fabricated power generation equipment can produce 60 megawatts of electricity. A NuScale power plant can house up to 12 of these modules for a total facility output of 720 megawatts (gross). The scalability afforded by the modular design allows customers to incrementally increase facility output to match demand. The NuScale Power Module™ is premised on well-established nuclear technology principles with a focus on integration of components, simplification or elimination of systems, and use of passive safety features resulting in highly reliable operation underpinned by an extremely strong safety case and unparalleled asset protection, making it suitable to be sited at locations closer to where electricity or process heat are needed.

NuScale is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and has offices in Corvallis, OR; Rockville, MD; Charlotte, NC; Richland, WA; Arlington, VA; and London, UK. For more information visit: http://www.nuscalepower.com or follow us on Twitter: @NuScale_Power.

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