Cheap Car Insurance 2020: How To Get Better Car Insurance Rates For Senior Drivers

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“Senior drivers can easily save money on car insurance, even though insurance companies classify them as high-risk. Several ingenious methods will help them pay affordable premiums”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents a few methods that can help seniors get better car insurance rates

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Insurance companies classify senior drivers as high-risk. The statistics show that the chances for an accident to happen are increasing for drivers that are 70 years old or older. The decline of hearing, eyesight, and reflexes combined with age-related diseases and medication are the main reasons why senior drivers are more likely to be involved in auto accidents.

To save money on car insurance, senior drivers can follow the next tips:

  • Apply for a low-mileage discount. Most senior drivers are retired and they don’t need to use their cars that much. Most insurance companies are offering a low-mileage discount to those drivers that manage to drive fewer miles than a certain threshold. Senior drivers should contact their insurers and check if they are eligible for this discount.
  • Enroll and graduate defensive or refresher courses. Graduating a defensive driving course will help senior drivers obtain a discount from their providers. These courses are cheap and they will help seniors recap their theoretical knowledge and to improve their driving skills. Besides that, seniors will learn how aging and medication can affect their driving skills.
  • Drive a safe and cheaper to insure car. Seniors should avoid buying the newest car models or expensive vehicles like limousines, muscle cars, or sports cars if they want to pay cheaper premiums. Slightly used sedans, family vans, or crossovers that are equipped with several safety features are among the cheapest vehicles to insure.
  • Avoid committing accidents or traffic violations. Car insurance companies are offering discounts to drivers that maintain their driving records clean for a certain number of years. Senior drivers should contact their insurance carriers and check if they can qualify for this discount.
  • Use online car insurance quotes. The best method to check car insurance prices is by visiting brokerage websites. Senior drivers can use a brokerage website to obtain multiple quotes from different insurers. After comparing several quotes, senior drivers can decide if they will remain with their current provider or they will move to another one.

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