Cheekago: Facial Plastic Surgeon Introduces Revolutionizing and Innovative Facial Contouring Combination With Buccal Fat Removal & Sculpting

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Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, MD FACS, a double board certified, highly experienced and respected facial plastic surgeon and the hands behind "Many Faces of Chicago", has introduced a unique procedure for those in Chicago, and anyone able to fly to Chicago who is looking for a new way to contour their face.

buccal fat removal chicago - dr benjamin caughlin

This innovative, new procedure outlines the esteemed surgeon's constant development to provide his patients with ways to achieve their desired look. By offering his treatment plan that he calls "Cheekago", which is a balanced 4-layer cheek sculpting procedure, it propels Dr. Caughlin into a class of his own, making him the only plastic surgeon in the United States to provide this cutting edge treatment.

"Cheekago" is a procedure that tightens and contours all four layers of the cheek to help patients achieve a perfectly balanced and defined result that other surgeons across the globe struggle to provide. Note that some patients get 1 layer tightened, some 3, and others the full 4 layers. The key to this procedure is that it is customized to the unique patient. The four layers consist of Buccal Fat Pad Removal or Buccal Fat Pad Sculpting, Internal Cheek Mucosal Tightening, Buccinator Muscle Narrowing, and Precisely Placed Calcium Hydroxyapatite and/or liposculpting of the jawline. Each stage of this treatment is individually designed to produce a sharper, distinct and contoured look. Tightening and sculpting each of these areas of the face allows Dr. Caughlin to deliver the look people are after, by harnessing peaks and valleys in order to create attractive shadows and curves.

Creating a defined look (often referred to as a "#snatched look" on social sites where selfies are prominent) that patients can feel confident and be proud of is something that Dr. Caughlin strives for every day. Anyone in search of sculpting and defining their cheeks and jawline or having a sharper look makes them the ideal candidate for this revolutionary procedure.

Dr. Caughlin is highly dedicated to providing the best for his patients by welcoming them in an inviting and state-of-the-art surgical clinic in downtown Chicago, listening to what the patients want, and creating a patient-focused plan for optimal satisfaction. To inspire future patients, Dr. Caughlin invites others to see results firsthand by following the hashtags #GetSnatched and #ManyFacesOfChicago on Instagram or visiting his website at

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin is a facial plastic surgeon working at 845 N Michigan Ave #923e Chicago, IL 60611. Led by Dr. Caughlin, each unique patient has the choice from an array of facial contouring options that provide stunning appearances. You can learn more about Dr. Caughlin's popular Buccal Fat Removal and other Face Sculpting procedures on his website, and you can also see more of the life-changing work he has done for past patients on his Instagram @ManyFacesOfChicago.

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