Chicago Area Video & Multimedia Production Company Prepares to Take Events Online by Providing Camera Crew & Team for On-Site Web Streaming and Location Video Production

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Chicago Area Production Company, Absolute Vision Productions, Increases Corporate Location Video Production Availability For Web Streaming, Pre-Produced Corporate Videos, Virtual Reality, and Videography Services.

Live virtual conferences and video productions are quickly becoming vital for businesses in the Chicago area and around the world. As companies search for alternatives and struggle to find solutions to the current threats in the global economy, communication must remain a normal part of business operation. The trade show and convention sector has been particularly hard hit, as events are canceled out of an abundance of caution and businesses clamp down on non-essential travel. As a result, local area production companies are ramping up their web streaming, video conference, on location, pre-recorded, and Virtual Reality presentation capabilities. One such local area production company, Absolute Vision Productions (, is already making these additional services available to their clients.

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Spring and summer are usually among the busiest months for trade shows, conferences, and events across the country. From entertainment-based events to professional trade shows, these gatherings traditionally draw tens of thousands of people from across the globe. Already, several major trade shows have been canceled. Other shows have seen major vendors bow out. But because vendors still want to share their work and connect with customers, video companies have begun offering convention alternatives.

Virtual reality presentations, live video streaming, virtual conferences, and on-site recorded videos have become the go-to solutions for companies looking to get their annual message out to stakeholders and supporters. “We’ve already seen skyrocketing demand for professional camera production crews,” said Mark Smith, owner and founder of Absolute Vision Productions. “Many of these companies still want to put on a highly polished, professional looking video presentation. So, you need a production crew, you need a web streaming crew--and, really a web streaming company that understands the challenges.” Smith went on to say that, having worked small businesses and Fortune-100 business, Absolute Vision can create flexible, unique media packages for each client’s need.

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Absolute Vision Media Productions has been offering video production and web streaming for years. Absolute Vision’s local Chicago crew have been able to help with a wide variety of productions in the midwest and beyond. As an award-winning production company, Absolute Vision has been able to deliver above and beyond client expectations on project after project. Of course, the environment now is exceptionally challenging. That’s why more companies are falling back on on site recording, live video streaming, and virtual conferences. The technology is tried and tested, especially in the hands of an experienced and local production crew. In some cases, once a trade show is cancelled, a client may want to create a live webcast. In other cases, an on-site video production will be recorded for later publication and distribution.

That gives a company looking to make a splash in uncertain times a little extra confidence. There’s no doubt that the disrupted business environment is presenting a wide variety of challenges, the most dire of which tend to be human-focused. But the economic challenges will also have repercussions for people across the globe. In such an uncertain environment, companies are looking for something they can count on--but they aren’t looking to withdraw from the world stage, either. Virtual conferences, on location at corporate offices, and video streaming offer the ability to ensure a company still has a presence and is still garnering attention, but not in a way that puts any of its employees in harm’s way.

Over the coming months, it’s likely that more conferences, trade shows, and conventions will be postponed. So it’s likely that companies large and small will continue to hedge their bets. That means that video production in the Chicago and Chicago suburbs will likely be in high demand as the situation changes --and the economic impacts that linger.

“We do expect conventions and trade shows to get back to normal eventually,” Smith said. “But until then, we do have the technology and the expertise to make sure companies can continue to have a presence. And we’re increasing our capabilities every day.” Smith mentioned he expects more demand for video conferencing and virtual meetups as the virus lingers. In that case, the right kind of setup--with a multi camera production crew or a location production for corporate communications--is essential. Absolute Vision Productions is an award-winning media company with the knowledge, experience, and technology to help businesses through this rapidly changing media landscape.

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