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A recent insight paper published by Exasol considers the crucial role Chief Data Officers (CDOs) play in today’s businesses.

CDOs are uniquely situated, the paper proposes, to begin taking the lead in company decision making due to the position’s inherent role in understanding data–and the ability to use that data in support of long term strategy.

While companies now understand the value of collecting raw data, that data means nothing without a human interpreter. According to research, the key to getting the most out of data is having a person who can decipher what it actually means–and then transform it into data-driven insights and crucial business outcomes. Without human input, data is practically useless and businesses that ignore the human element are bound to faulter – if not fail outright.

This new understanding of the importance of both data and skilled CDOs means the position is swiftly becoming one of the most prized in all types of organizations. They’re pivotal in every facet of business growth from revenue and innovation to operational efficiencies.

CDOs will have a skill set which allows them to gain insight into the inner workings of an organization from the ground up including sales, finance, marketing and HR. Having this knowledge available means they can help shape strategy and infrastructure decisions, tailor-made to every department depending on their data insight needs.

It’s this capacity for understanding the business on many levels, combined with a uniquely data-driven perspective that’s perfect for future planning, which makes a CDO an ideal prospective CEO.

Exasol’s insight paper seeks to understand and define the qualifications required to become a CDO. Knowing these skills and traits is ideal for those looking to encourage the up and coming generation of the workforce, in considering a lucrative and worthwhile career as a data pioneer and future leader.

In this paper, Exasol investigates:

  • Why every organization needs a CDO
  • Why there is a current lack of them
  • The path to becoming a CDO
  • How data analysts looking to advance their career can take steps to position themselves as tomorrow’s business leaders through their skills in generating and making decisions based on data insights

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Exasol is a high-performance, cloud-first analytics database which gives its customers the power to transform how their organizations work with data – and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before.

They are a team of creative, forward-thinking technologists who’re passionate about helping companies run their businesses smarter and drive profits by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds. They developed the world’s fastest database for analytics and data warehousing and offer first-class know-how and expertise in data insights and analytics.

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