Cision iReach press releases - Making College Worth It

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Cision iReach press releases - Making College Worth It

Recent College Board studies have confirmed that the costs for a college education, including tuition, books, room and board, average more than $50,000 per year with private schools as high as $100,000 per year. Since 75 percent of students change their majors at least once, it generally takes them up to six years to graduate with a bachelor's degree. As a result, the average cost is an extra $100,000 or more for the two additional years on top of the $200,000 for the first four years. For the 33 percent of students who change their majors more than once, it can take even longer. In addition, 70 percent of students do not find work for six to nine months after graduation, and most are not hired in fields of their college majors.

"To find future career happiness and success, students need to choose majors that fit their personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and natural traits and select a future career that has long-term viability," said Dr. Richard Ellison, author of Career Happiness and Success and creator of PATH2HappiSuccess™, an online program that combines proven testing technologies with a priority process to help students identify their best majors and top career options.

To make college an investment that pays off, students need to have a plan that will maximize the value of their college educations and help ensure their long-term career success. Here are three steps to help students make college worth it.

1.    Create a college plan to help students graduate in four years instead of the typical five to six years. This will save $100,000 or more in college costs (and student loans). Graduating sooner also gets students into their careers and earning sooner.

2.    Gain confidence that they can do well in college by choosing a major for which they are both passionate and capable. The major should be a fit for each student's unique personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and natural traits.

3.    Plan for long-term career success by identifying careers that are a fit for the student's personal attributes and have positive long-term projections. Focus on internships to give students real-world experience and help them get hired immediately after college.

"By knowing their top career choices and choosing the correct majors while still in high school or as a college freshman, students save valuable time and money and can obtain the right internships to help jumpstart them into happy and successful careers," said Dr. Chip Espinoza, dean of Strategy and Innovation at Vanguard University in Irvine, Calif., and adjunct professor at UCLA Extension Corporate Education & Customs Programs. Espinoza is a highly respected author, speaker and consultant on integrating millennials into the workforce.

PATH2HappiSuccess is an online program that utilizes proven testing technologies, including the "16 Personalities" and MAPP aptitude® tests and the Strong Interest Inventory® along with Dr. Ellison's proprietary testing and evaluation process. Originally developed to help Dr. Ellison's grandchildren find college and career success, it is now available for all students.

PATH2HappiSuccess is priced at $449, a very affordable investment to support a student's college success as well as career-long financial benefits and personal fulfillment. "For an investment of less than the average cost of one college course, students can potentially eliminate $100,000 or more of college costs and gain the opportunity to substantially increase their earning potential during their entire careers," Dr. Ellison said.

About Path2HappiSuccess

PATH2HappiSuccess is the only program that empowers students and adults in career transition to find lifelong career success and happiness. Utilizing proven personality and aptitude tests, integrated with a proprietary process developed by Dr. Richard Ellison, author of Career Happiness and Success, PATH2HappiSuccess identifies each student's top career choice and best college major based on a student's unique personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and natural traits. For more information, visit

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Media Contact: Teri Sawyer, Path2HappiSuccess, 7148011687,

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