CleanCash Develops Prototype That Uses UV-C Light Technology to Disinfect Pathogens at a Rapid Pace for Retail Environments

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CleanCash hopes to end the fear of contracting viruses and bacteria by harnessing ultraviolet-C (UVC) light energy to disinfect cash, coins, and credit card terminals.

If we’re to stop and prevent pandemics, then we must implement effective and accessible disinfection systems worldwide.

CleanCash hopes to end the fear of contracting viruses and bacteria by harnessing ultraviolet-C (UVC) light energy to disinfect cash, coins, and credit card terminals.

CleanCash is developing a decentralized solution for sanitizing currency at the point-of-sale with its proprietary, patent-pending, reliable, and cost-effective devices. CleanCash hopes that its upcoming products will help businesses and consumers combat their fear of spreading or contracting germs during and after the current worldwide pandemic.

Nevin Jenkins, the founder, explains that, “With the vaccine rolling out for the Coronavirus the pandemic may be ending soon, but viruses and bacteria are here to stay. At CleanCash we have shown that UV-C light is an effective disinfectant and we can use it beyond the Coronavirus vaccine.”

CleanCash’s, Strategic advisor, Mark Lyle, “Believes that germs are all around, which is why UV-C light disinfection is important to our everyday lives.” Lyle goes on to explain that, “if everyone would wash their hands frequently and effectively, then society would have a greater chance of reducing the spread of disease, but the bottom line is, human behavior is difficult to change.”

CleanCash believes that people don’t wash their hands enough. Founder, Nevin states, “If we’re to stop and prevent pandemics, then we must implement effective and accessible disinfection systems worldwide.”

CleanCash explains the benefits of UV-C Light.

The type of UV light that’s most effective at killing germs, like viruses and bacteria, is UVC light.

UVC light can effectively kill coronavirus as well as other germs and bacteria. Much of the research on this topic focuses on far-UVC light. This is a type of UVC light that still kills germs, but is less harmful to humans.

UVC light is mainly use for disinfection in healthcare settings. While you can buy a UVC light lamp for your home, remember that these lamps are often lower in intensity.

UVC light is being used currently in different industries including:

  • Hospitals
  • The cruise industry
  • Airport and transit stations

CleanCash believes that there is no possible way to force everyone to wash or sanitize their hands, making killing bacteria and viruses on the surfaces that we’re touching extremely difficult.

Credit card terminals and cash are some of the highest touchpoints in our lives.

The CleanCash device is still in the prototype and under construction at the CleanCash lab. The team is implementing UVC light to disinfect cash, coins, and credit card readers at a rapid pace for retail environments.

The unit has a tray where you can place your cash and coins. The tray closes and a vacuumed suction cup lifts and separates each bill, raising it individually to an array of diodes that pulsate UVC rays into the fibers of the bill itself. These UVC rays zap their chromosomes beyond livable each time the tray closes and passes a bill through. Similarly, coins are separated, sanitized, and delivered back to you or the cashier.

If you’re going cashless, the credit card terminal will extend out from the CleanCash system allowing the customer complete access to the keypad and credit card insertion area. After the completion of the transaction, the credit card terminal will retract back inside of the CleanCash system where it will be sanitized for the next customer.

CleanCash transactions are seamless with an immeasurable increase in safety.

The clear and immediate application for CleanCash is to provide a decentralized system to sterilize our nation’s currency at the point of exchange, primarily retail.

And for this purpose, UV light is an exceptional option. It’s contained, it can be applied quickly and thoroughly, and it can be applied coming and going.

Key to the CleanCash currency sanitizing solution is the use of UVC light energy technology, which has been adopted due to several factors:

  • UVC is scientifically proven to kill up to 99.99% of viruses and other bacteria.
  • UVC sanitization can be rapid and cost-effective.
  • UVC light is naturally occurring and chemical-free.

Though there are ample opportunities for this technology to make an impact during the COVID era, CleanCash believes that their products will be the clear and immediate application to provide a decentralized solution for the sterilization of currency and credit card terminals at the point-of-sale, primarily retail, now and well into the future.

CleanCash is developing its devices to be ideal for retail businesses that want to take a proactive approach to protect their customers and employees during and after the current global pandemic - without worrying about applying hand sanitizer after every transaction.

CleanCash has plans to provide its system worldwide at the completion of its development and certification of efficacy.

CleanCash is currently conducting a Title III offering on the equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine, where everyday investors can learn more about the technology, and potentially invest in the company at an early stage.

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About CleanCash:
Headquartered in Homosassa, FL, CleanCash is developing a solution for sanitizing currency and credit card terminals at the point-of-sale in retail establishments. Their upcoming products will leverage the scientifically proven virus and bacteria-killing power of ultraviolet C (UVC) light energy technology to eliminate the possibility of transmitting germs during retail transactions.

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