Clear Sky Recovery Featured in the Documentary Ibogaine: Cure for a Crisis

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Clear Sky Recovery’s ibogaine treatment center and a wide spectrum of ibogaine and psychedelic assisted therapy experts including CEO and Medical Director, Dr. Alberto Sola are prominently featured in a documentary that explores this cutting-edge treatment and how it can help stem the opioid epidemic in North America.

Clear Sky Recovery, an international leader in treating drug dependencies with ibogaine, is featured in the documentary “Ibogaine: Cure for a Crisis.”

Ibogaine is a monoterpene indole alkaloid used in medical and non-medical settings for the treatment of opioid use disorder. “Ibogaine: Cure for a Crisis,” produced by Canadian company Universal Ibogaine, Inc., has been released during a period of time when the use of psychedelics in drug detoxification is becoming mainstreamed.

Several of Clear Sky Recovery’s original founders including Patrick Kroupa, an ibogaine treatment expert and advocate, were interviewed for the film and discuss why this innovative treatment can be a revolutionary tool in the fight against America’s opioid abuse epidemic.

“We’re in the midst of the worst opioid epidemic in all of history, and ibogaine is something that can make a significant dent in that,” Kroupa says in the film. The burgeoning field has more than $200 million in investments right now, according to the Financial Post. One of those companies specializing in ibogaine, Demerx, made headlines during Davos as attendees learned more about hallucinogenic drug therapies.

Psychedelics are gaining attention as a treatment modality because their medicinal benefits for myriad neuropsychiatric and addictive disorders are being examined in a rational, evidence-based manner. UBC’s Dr. Ken Tupper highlights how this research can assist with the growing opioid abuse crisis in North America and other countries world-wide and examines ibogaine’s unique efficacy in opioid detoxification. In 2018, about 10.3 million Americans over the age of 12 misused opioids; of that number, 9.9 million people abused prescription opioid painkillers.

As Kroupa says in the documentary, “The time is right now for ibogaine. It works; there is nothing else that I’ve ever experienced that can do what ibogaine does for drug-dependent individuals. It’s 95% effective in providing a painless detox from whatever you’re addicted to...It will absolutely, unequivocally reset you.”

An edited excerpt of “Ibogaine: Cure for a Crisis” can be found on Youtube.

About Clear Sky Recovery: Clear Sky Recovery offers a luxurious, medically based, safe, effective, and affordable ibogaine detoxification program in a private oceanfront hospital located in beautiful Cancún, Mexico. For more information, visit

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