Commissioner Sid Miller secures donation of much-needed PPE for Rural Texas hospitals

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Texas Department of Agriculture receives PPE donation to distribute to local hospitals

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"We would get reports from many sources ranking states performance at securing needed supplies. Nebraska was always at the top of the list. I'd heard they had a great procurement team up there, so when Yaniv told me he was already working with them, I wasn't surprised."

Today, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Sid Miller, who heads the Texas State Office of Rural Health, thanked Yaniv Sarig of Mohawk Group (NASDAQ: MWK) for their generous contribution of needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Texas's 163 rural and community hospitals.

Often rural hospitals, the lifeline for non-urban portions of Texas, are overlooked when it comes to securing public safety equipment required for safe operations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sarig said, "I was inspired by Commissioner Miller after watching his interview on 60 minutes last month discussing the unique struggles faced by rural healthcare providers and thought it would make sense to get on a call with him to see what we could do to help.”

At first glance, PPE procurement did not seem like a natural fit for Mohawk Group (NASDAQ:MWK), a tech-driven e-Commerce firm, "When COVID-19 erupted, our leadership team got together to discuss what we could do to help. As a fast growing e-Commerce company, we have built an incredibly agile supply chain capable of sourcing high quality goods from all over the world. With states and hospitals around the country urgently needing PPE from a trusted and capable partner, we believed it was our responsibility to rise to the challenge," Sarig added.

Miller continued, "Mohawk Group, at Sarig's direction, is donating to the TDA, one hundred thousand masks, which the department will distribute to rural and community hospitals throughout the State." While Mohawk Group is based in New York City, they have come to the aid of rural Texans as well as rural citizens of other states.

Miller wasn't surprised to learn Mohawk Group had already been working with another famously rural state, Nebraska. "We would get reports from many sources ranking states performance at securing needed supplies. Nebraska was always at the top of the list. I'd heard they had a great procurement team up there, so when Yaniv told me he was already working with them, I wasn't surprised." Miller chuckled.

In Nebraska, Mohawk Group worked closely with Doug Carlson, the State's Chief Procurement Officer, to ensure that citizens of the Cornhusker State had access to needed PPE. This action resulted in that state successfully keeping COVID-19 transmissions to a minimum.

"While our country has been in turmoil and life upended, it has been gratifying to see American heroes, like Mr. Sarig and Mr. Carlson, step up and provide real-world common-sense solutions to problems. It takes people like this to cut through the bureaucratic overreach and incompetence during a time of crisis." Miller said.

He added: "On behalf of the people of Texas, the TDA, State Office of Rural Health, and our state’s 163 rural hospitals, I want to sincerely thank Yaniv Sarig for his willingness to assist his fellow Americans in other states. He is a testament to the ingenuity and outside the box thinking that is the hallmark of American business and our free enterprise system.

Carlson echoed Miller in saying, "Without the support of American business leaders like Yaniv, rural Americans would have suffered and continue to suffer from the hardships created by an incompetent and often selfish and cumbersome bureaucracy.

“Mohawk Group demonstrated through their efforts in Texas, Nebraska, and others that the interest of socially responsible business leaders and community leaders can be aligned for the greater good of Americans,” said Miller.

Carlson added, "It was disheartening to see so many people trying to take advantage by irresponsibly and unethically promising life-saving equipment and then failing to deliver, or worse trying to sell fraudulent items. Their actions unnecessarily put lives at risk. I want to thank Yaniv Sarig and Mohawk Group. With Mohawk's continued support and companies like them, I'm confident we will successfully weather this storm and ensure our state is prepared for the next one."

Miller says, "It is fitting that as we just celebrated our nation's independence and honor our cherished American institutions, we take this opportunity to honor the patriots of American business.”

Mohawk Group Holdings, Inc. is headquartered in New York City with approximately 140 employees around the world and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ (MWK). Mohawk is a fast-growing technology-enabled consumer products company. They have built a proprietary software platform to identify and predict consumer trends; they then use the insights discovered in the data to manufacture, import, and sell high demand consumer products online. They launched over 250 products since inception and are growing fast, with revenues of approximately $114M in 2019. They import millions of dollars of goods per month and have approximately 40 employees in Asia who are experts in sourcing, quality control, and logistics. As such, they are incredibly well-positioned to help in this crisis as the nature of the business is based on an agile supply chain and rapid procurement. They also can finance very large P/Os and QC inspect each production run meticulously (with their employees) to make sure that what is delivered meets the buyer's standards.

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