Experts Explain Why Drivers Should Avoid Car Insurance Gaps

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Drivers Should Avoid Car Insurance Lapses

“Having car insurance lapses will complicate a future underwriting process and make premiums more expensive. Try to pay the premiums on time and if they seem too expensive, use online quotes and find cheaper offers”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has released a new blog post that presents the main reasons why drivers should avoid letting car insurance lapse.

In order to legally drive across the United States, drivers must carry auto insurance. Furthermore, each state has its own regulations regarding minimum liability coverage and reimbursing accident victims. It is recommended to continuously keep coverage active.

Failing to do so will have negative consequences, as explained in the blog post. First of all, being caught driving while uninsured will result in fines. The monetary penalty will vary, ranging from $25 in Tennessee to $5,000 in Massachusetts. Furthermore, the driver may have his license suspended. License suspension for lack of insurance varies by state. Car impoundments, coupled with impound fees, is also a possibility.

The penalties do not stop here. Having lapses will also make future premiums more expensive. Persons with recent coverage lapses are automatically considered high-risk and asked to pay more. Keep in mind that insurance companies may ask the previous insurer about a former client’s payment history. Furthermore, a company may decide to drop the client after several missed payments.

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