Completely control Capital Gains tax rate, even under the Biden Tax plan using an Installment Sale Trust: source: Qualified Financial

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Tech Millionaires look for creative ways to sell their companies under the Biden tax plan; BitCoin investors learn new ways to sell while buying a Tesla; Proposed changes to the 1031 Exchange causes anxiety to real estate investors; Solutions for capital gains planning get a twist with a new product, the Installment Sale Trust

It used to be that when you wanted to retire or even just spin off some investment properties to fund something different, a Seller just sold and mostly paid the Capital Gains but that Calculus does not work anymore.

Biden's American Families Tax Plan proposal will almost double the capital gains tax for folks earning over $1 Million in the year of a property sale, business sale, or Crypto Currency sale and may even greatly reduce tried and true strategies, such as the 1031 Exchange.

The new Tax Proposal is supposed to target only the top 1% or earners…but will trigger the accelerated Capital Gains Rate at any income over the threshold of Four Hundred Thousand Dollars.

This means that if a seller of a property, a business or crypto currency completes a sale after the Tax Plan is approved…in some states the combined taxes and fees will be over 50%!

“You simply don’t want to sell a Business or Property or cash in your BitCoin without careful consideration under Biden’s proposed changes,” says Kevin Brunner, of Qualified Financial ( in Orange CA.

“It has caused a ton of concern here in Southern California, especially with Landlords and Business Owners,” says Kevin Bunner. Brunner was a Forbes Featured Advisor of the Year in 2015 and runs several successful businesses in addition to Leading a team of Financial Advisors. "We listened to our clients and developed a unique in-house product designed to help control gains tax." added Brunner.

“It used to be that when you wanted to retire or even just spin off some investment properties to fund something different, a Seller just sold and mostly paid the Capital Gains,” says Brunner. “That worked when you could frequently keep 75% or more of the sale proceeds, but that calculus doesn’t work when the combined tax rate and depreciation recapture could be as high as 60% (or even higher) of the gross sales price when combined with the broker’s commissions.”

“Extra Planning with competent professionals is an absolute requirement” stated Mr. Brunner. “We have retooled a few tried-and-true techniques and have hired out for tax and estate planning specialists to give our clients the options they need to either create liquidity or create income post sale without triggering the maximum tax brackets in this challenging environment.”

“The Flagship Technique for property and business owners trying to sell and control their Tax is our in-house version of an Installment Sale,” explains Mr. Brunner. “We actually buy the investment property, or the asset portion of the business from the client with a promissory note crafted by attorneys to comply with the IRS rules on Installment Sales, IRC 453. This approach allows our client, the seller, to tell us how much income they want every year to stay below the maximum Capital Gains tax rate.”

The Installment technique offered by Qualified Financial ( is just one of the many new tools that are evolving that do not get rid of the Tax but do allow you to completely control how much Tax is owed and at what schedule. Advanced Planning techniques frequently borrow from multiple disciplines and can dramatically tighten up any Tax exposure a Family experiences by coordinating different strategies from different Disciplines efficiently. Advanced Planning of this nature is almost always unique to each Client’s situation and may involve the implementation and annual monitoring of several strategies.

The proposed Capital Gains Tax is illustrated in the following table. Here is how Biden's long-term capital gains tax would work. It would apply to investments and real assets sold in 2021 that are held for more than one year, for example. Here are the rates that would apply

Short-Term Capital Gains Rates would still exist. Profits on securities and real assets sold after being held less than one year would continue to be taxed as short-term capital gains. Those gains face ordinary income tax rates. The top short-term capital gains tax rate is 37%.

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