HTG Encouraged Individuals Suffering from Hemorrhoids to Consider Simple Dietary Changes

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Following the Brown Daily Herald’s December 10th article, titled “Gastrointestinal Illness Outbreak Hits Campus,” HTG strongly urged individuals suffering from hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid symptoms to consider dietary changes.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Group (HTG) responded to a recent Brown Daily Herald article, entitled “Gastrointestinal Illness Outbreak Hits Campus,” by encouraging readers to pay close attention to their diets– including the consumption of vitamin and mineral supplements. As evidenced by the college-based outbreak of gastrointestinal distress, one’s digestive process has a profound impact on one’s overall health. This is often the case for hemorrhoids, as well as conditions often confused with hemorrhoids such as anal fissures, and sufferers should first and foremost turn to their dietary habits to lay blame.

In the Brown Daily Herald article, Michael Dubin reported the outbreak of gastrointestinal distress on Brown’s campus. As of December 10th, the virus had infected 19 students, 13 of whom were in close quarters. The virus mimics a similar outbreak that occurred on Brown’s campus in March of this year, wherein 50 students fell ill. Though the outbreak is causing some concern, most students fall ill and recover in a short period of two-three days.

HTG knows that illness is often a marker of a depressed gastrointestinal immune system or foreign substance, such as a virus or bacteria. For this reason, HTG believes it is important to regard digestive health with respect, and work hard to uphold that health. HTG believes that digestive health is also important for those suffering from or prone to hemorrhoid outbreaks, as digestive distress can cause irritable bowels, constipation, and strain– resulting in inflamed blood vessels, and possibly in decreased circulation. Through personal experience, HTG has seen proper dietary habits go a long way in increasing one’s digestive efficiency. When paired with regular, proper exercise and probiotic supplements, HTG believes that diet can have a significant hand in reducing the risk of developing hemorrhoids and other conditions often confused with hemorrhoids, including anal fissures.

Michael Dubin works as a News Editor for the Brown Daily Herald, Brown University’s resident student newspaper. Dubin covers basic campus goings-on, ranging from student distress to faculty decisions.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Group encouraged readers to regard digestive health as a vital aspect of one’s overall health. The body’s digestive process is endlessly useful, and can signal an underlying problem, an encroaching issue (such as the onset of hemorrhoids), or a dietary deficiency. To combat deficiencies and potential digestion-related maladies, individuals should engage in healthy eating and exercising practices. Doing so may encourage more effective digestive process and a superior immune system.

Information provided by the Hemorrhoid Treatment Group website is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat any condition. This information is provided purely for educational purposes. Please consult your doctor for correct diagnosis and treatment, as bleeding from the rectum may be caused by many different things including life threatening conditions.

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