Consumer Defense Law Group Helps Another Devastated Homeowner Reverse a Foreclosure Trustee Sale After Home Sold to 3rd Party Highest Bidder at Auction

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California based Lender Litigation Powerhouse Consumer Defense Law Group with Co-Counsel Agreements across the country successfully reverses another Trustee sale thru ‘Equity Insurance Policy’ after an innocent 3rd party highest bidder buys House in Washington State foreclosure Auction.

With his Bank auctioning off his home at a Foreclosure Trustee Sale on 8/17/20018 at 9:00 a.m Mr. Kenneth Burkhart of Tacoma Washington was directed to the web site that is owned by the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, a Faith Based loss mitigation legal clinic focused on helping distressed homeowners rehabilitate or negotiate defaulting home loans back into manageable terms with only donations of canned food or nonperishables for the Homeless as their fee.

With their headquarters located in California Ken was skeptical that they were able to save his Washington State home. The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, whose Senior Legal Director is Peter Nisson, an Appellate Trail Attorney licensed with the State Bar since 1974 quickly realized there was no time to waste and directed his staff to offer Ken the “Equity Insurance Policy”. This would at the least protect a large portion of the equity Ken will lose if the house gets foreclosed upon.

Then Ken was immediately recommended to Consumer Defense Law Group, operated by Attorney Anthony ‘Tony’ Cara, who has been licensed by the State Bar since 1994 and has a successful track record for litigating violations of Consumer Protection Rights by Mortgage lenders forcing mandatory settlement communications to avoid continued litigation that include completely reversing the Foreclosure Trustee sale altogether as well as large monetary compensation for damages.

At the 11th hour Ken Burkhardt sent back the “Equity Insurance Policy” agreement to protect the $150,000.00 equity he would stand to lose if he was Foreclosure upon. Unfortunately for Ken, there wasn’t enough time to stop Ken’s home from being sold at the Banks Auction to a 3rd Party Highest Bidder.

Where most people in Ken’s position would have very little if not zero hope of having the home returned back to him, Ken realized that he had lost his home and in doing so lost $150,000.00 in equity due to the Trustee Sale.

Consumer Defense Law Group offers eligible Clients that are referred to them from the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates zero out of pocket cost Legal Services such as Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation and Eviction Defense that is always unaffordable to homeowners experiencing financial hardship causing foreclosure. All Attorneys charge large upfront fees just to look into a wrongful foreclosure case let along prosecute a wrongful foreclosure case thru final resolution.

On 8/22/2018 Consumer Defense Law Group forwarded Ken Burkhart a confirmation letter from the Banks Foreclosing Trustee that the Foreclosure Auction Sale was reversed. Kens home is back in his name. Now the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates can help Ken restructure his loan with a Free Loan Modification or Ken can now sell his home to capture all his equity instead of losing it.

If you need help to prevent from losing your Home go to . Contact the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer advocates if you feel you have equity and you want a No Cost out of Pocket Insurance Policy so you don’t lose all your equity.

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