Consumer Defense Law Group Helps Another Foreclosed Homeowner Reverse a Trustee Sale, Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Secures a Permanent Loan Modification

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With The Help of the Consumer Defense Law Group, another foreclosed Homeowner's Trustee sale is reversed so the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates can help secure a permanent loan modification with a large principal reduction.

Anselmo Martinez Cruz of Hesperia California was referred to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates by a friend at Church that was previously helped by the Nonprofit Clinics staff with a free loan modification that saved his home. Many Homeowners including Anselmo resort to hiring third party companies promising results and illegally charge fees for a loan modification with no results getting foreclosed upon in the process.

This also happened to Anselmo Cruz. When he was referred to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates for help, it was too late. The Trustee Sale already occurred and he was now facing eviction.

According to Senior Legal Director; Attorney Peter Nisson, a seasoned Appellate Attorney for over 44 years “Our Nonprofit Legal Clinic can and has performed magic to keep people with upcoming Trustee sales in their homes then securing free loan modifications that are sustainable but once a client doesn’t own their home any longer our nonprofit clinic is limited in what free services we can offer." Attorney Peter Nisson continues, “we do offer other free services like Credit Repair for an example but that’s not what most foreclosed homeowners want." When asked what the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer advocates recommended Anselmo Cruz when the Nonprofit Clinic learned he had already lost his home thru a Trustee Auction, his answer was very brief “Consumer Defense Law Group, they're simply the best!”

Consumer Defense Law Group, PC is a Litigation and Bankruptcy Law Firm that is operated by Attorney Anthony Cara. Consumer Defense Law Group, PC has Attorney Co-Counsels all across the United States and has performed Trustee sale Reversals from California to Texas. They have reversed foreclosures that are Real Estate Owned by the Bank as well as sold to the highest bidding third party purchaser.

Once Consumer Defense Law Group got the property on Hopi Road back into Anselmo’s name the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates secured a Loan Modification for Anselmo with a large Principal Reduction creating an equity position for a Mr. Cruz. Anselmo was then able to sell the Hopi Road property and pocketed enough from the sale that allowed Anselmo to buy another Property.

If you or someone you know has been foreclosed upon and you feel that the lender may have treated you unfairly or think your loan was predatory in nature; you may have been a victim of a wrongful foreclosure. It is possible that under certain circumstances Consumer Defense Law Group will prosecute your lender in state or Federal Court and defend you against the wrongful eviction with zero money out of pocket - yes that’s correct, 100% contingency Wrongful Foreclosure Representation.

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