ConsuNova, Inc. Launches traceGEAR, an Optimized, Cost-effective and Out-of-the-box Traceability Tool

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Cross-lifecycle traceability tools are essential to your software engineering team and the safety-critical systems they develop. ConsuNova unveils traceGEAR; an essential but straight-forward tool to solve this complex challenge.

traceGear for Software Traceability (DO-178 and DO-254)

Every engineer needs effective “gear” in their toolbox! ConsuNova equips you with traceGEAR; the right gear in your engineering toolbox for all aspects of your traceability.

traceGEAR is a complete traceability solution for your entire project with ability to produce trace-matrix from general purpose documents (Word, PDF, Text, and Excel). traceGEAR automates requirements traceability and error-detection, producing ready-to-use traceability matrices across existing engineering lifecycle documents; including requirements, design, code and test. With simple licensing terms, an intuitive interface and short learning curve the powerful features and functions of traceGEAR provide a truly cost effective solution.

Guidelines and standards such as DO-178C, DO-254, ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and others, require all requirements, design, implementation and tests be linked across the lifecycle and kept up-to-date at all times, especially during reviews.

Reza Madjidi, ConsuNova President adds, “Every engineer needs effective “gear” in their toolbox! ConsuNova equips you with traceGEAR; the right gear in your engineering toolbox for all aspects of your traceability. Using the right tool, traceGEAR, assists in early requirements validation, ensuring requirements coverage by tests, and completeness of development in design and implementation, while also providing flexibility in choice of authoring tools. traceGEAR has been developed with the simplicity/flexibility criteria and a DO-178C mindset providing end-to-end traceability coverage with editable and out-of-the-box trace matrix.”

Many engineers prefer flexibility of MS Word to define requirements and design over DOORS. However, as systems become more complex, the challenge of traceability demonstration and management becomes burdensome and error-prone. Additionally, the engineering aspects of ensuring requirement coverage in development and verification can never be automated; the engineer must decide how to associate a requirement to design or test. We ask that you focus on the engineering work and leave the rest of traceability validation to traceGEAR; simply define how the requirements are presented and view the trace matrix report quickly.

Adds Dave Cassidy, ConsuNova Vice President of Development, “DO-178C Traceability and DO-254 Traceability requires bi-directional trace matrix. That is exactly what our tool does! traceGEAR captures custom tags embedded in existing documents, to provide fully compliant top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top traceability matrices. These results are then used to analyze the traceability between system requirements, designs, code and tests.”

traceGEAR is the most cost-effective traceability solution available today. It provides fast performance and is easy to implement on any new or existing project, with virtually any documentation style or format. It is the lightweight alternative, but with all the rigor needed for safety-critical systems and software development projects. Some of the highlights include:

  • Requirements traceability across any type of document & relationship.
  • Multi-tagging strategies for multiple vendors & sub-contractors.
  • Editable, Portable & Bi-directional traceability matrix.
  • Trace Matrix snapshots for on-going project monitoring.
  • Low-cost and Site-Licensing with unlimited number of users.
  • Graphical Documentation Trees with relationships are automatically drawn.
  • Trace diagnostics for orphan links, top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top.
  • Trace statistics for all components in the Trace Tree.

MDS Technology Co. and HUONE, Inc. have been using traceGEAR on their DO-178C compliance projects and found it to highly beneficial. “MDS team is really excited about this new tool. traceGEAR identified traceability issues that was missed using other tools, it is with fast, easy-to-use, and compressive results.” said Mr. Taeyoung Noh, Manger and Defense SW solution Team Leader at MDS Technology. Adds Mr. Jeong, HUONE Quality Manger, “traceGEAR seamlessly replaced our previous traceability tool and with complete trace reports ready to be used as-is for showing compliance.”

ConsuNova continues to thrive bringing effective compliance solutions and services to the aerospace and safety-critical industries. Visit to learn more about traceGEAR and how your traceability problems can be resolved.

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Mike Smith, VP of Business Development

About ConsuNova
ConsuNova is a leading global provider of certification, compliance engineering services and solutions for safety-critical systems to the aerospace and defense industries ( ConsuNova provides ARP 4761, ARP 4754A, DO-200A, DO-254,DO-178C Compliance Solutions faster & in the most cost-effective way.

About MDS Technology
MDS Technology, the leader of embedded solution companies in Korea, has been focusing on only embedded industry for more than 20 years and has about 1,300 customer companies including Samsung, LG, Hyundai, SK, etc.

HUONE Inc. is a mobile and embedded system company which has been offering relevant solutions and services since 2001.

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