Cosmetic Town Announces the Best Hair Restoration Doctors in New York for 2019

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Cosmetic Town helps patients find the best hair transplant doctors in New York with a list of the “Best Hair Restoration Doctors in New York in 2019”.

Cosmetic Town, an online plastic surgery and information community based in Los Angeles, is turning the spotlight on the best hair restoration doctors in New York currently providing a lifetime of natural looking results for patients with balding areas on the scalp as well as those starting to see some thinning hair. Cosmetic Town makes the process of finding information about these board-certified surgeons in the New York area easier than ever by publishing a list of the “Best Hair Restoration Doctors in New York in 2019”.

According to the senior editor of Cosmetic Town, “As people start to get older, they often begin to see hair loss occurring on their scalp. Hair loss can be the result of genetics or medical issues suffered by the patient such as infections or medication induced hair loss. When a loss of hair on the scalp begins to happen, the self-confidence of the person with the hair loss can be impacted because people with a healthy and full head of hair are viewed as being youthful and successful. The self-image of a person is often lessened if that person is experiencing hair loss but is not doing anything to treat the issue.”

The senior editor stated that hair restoration surgery can be performed through the use of a number of techniques. “Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant is performed when the hair transplant surgeon individually harvests hair grafts from the scalp donor area of the patient. This technique allows the surgeon to remove the hair grafts without leaving a linear scalp scar. FUE grafts are also able to be harvested using Robotic FUE (ARTAS) which requires computer assistance to harvest the hair follicles. The doctor programs the ARTAS system to separate the follicle groups as well as dissect the grafts so they can be transplanted into the scalp by the surgical staff of the doctor. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is when the hair transplant surgeon starts the surgery by trimming a narrow strip of hair from the patient. The surgeon will then cut a scalp strip from the back of the head, in the area where the hair was trimmed, in order to remove the skin with the hair follicles. The follicular units will be dissected in their natural grouping before being implanted in the natural growth direction of the hair follicles.”

When choosing the best hair restoration doctors for the New York list, the senior editor said the decision was made using the Cosmetic Town intelligent system. “Our research staff uses an intelligent algorithm that is focused on cosmetic surgery. The Cosmetic Town research team examines the skill level of the cosmetic doctors and also takes a close look at the amount of patient education the doctors perform on a regular basis. We also look at the overall satisfaction level patients feel towards their doctor along with the number of articles written by the doctor on a regular basis to share with their peers. The doctors that are on the final list are picked using the above guidelines and they do not provide any type of compensation to make the list.”

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Cosmetic Town is an online cosmetic medicine publication whose mission is to share knowledge, inspire people and improve lives though cosmetic medicine. The website features doctors who were endorsed and highly recommended by their peers. Its reliable and streamlined database allows users to easily access the cosmetic surgery information they need with just a click of a button.

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