COVID-19: Incorporating Advanced HD Barcode technology to Authenticate Vaccination: “The Cloud is in Our Barcode”

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Secure, Encrypted Code provides Proof of Vaccination and Photo that remains only in the Possession of the Individual! No Internet or Database Required.

HD Barcodes can be digitally authenticated

VACCINATED FOR "COVID-19: No Internet or Database required to authenticate both the Individual and vaccination in an encrypted barcode that stays only with the citizen."

Full Vaccination Information, Photo, and optional Biometrics can be embedded in our encrypted code and printed onto a label, document, or digitally displayed on a smartphone. Since all the data is in the code itself, no database or internet is required for authenticating the code and displaying a person’s vaccination information and a color photograph of the individual. Unlike public codes, a person’s HD Barcode can only be read by authorized smartphones with the matching encryption keys when presented by the holder of the code.

With the rollout of vaccines to prevent COVID-19, some airlines, countries, schools, businesses, and even cities are working toward requiring proof of vaccination before being able to fly, enter a business, return to school, or even enter a country. Many individuals do not want to provide their personal information into a database that can be hacked or used later.

Once the vaccine is administered, that pertinent information, as well as that person’s photo or biometric data is converted into a simple HD Barcode which is printed onto a document, label, and/or provided as a digital file to his or her smartphone. Once data entry is complete, the human readable data can be deleted or saved. HD Barcodes can be printed from most desktop printers. Since the code only stays with, and is the property of the person, there are no HIPAA violations. The recent ability to securely embed and decode that information is a result of a number of factors that were previously unavailable. First, the patented HD Barcode can embed thousands of times more data than a UPC Code and hundreds of times more data than a QR Code. Second, smartphone camera technology allows for high resolution capturing of the code. As one professor indicated, “HD Barcodes becomes a memory stick on paper.” A question that often arises is: “What if someone copies your code?” HD Barcode is a private code and can only be generated by agencies that have the “code generator”. This means a copied code has the same photo and information. This information cannot be changed.

If a second vaccination is required, the individual can simply provide his or her current barcode. It is scanned and a new barcode with the additional data is entered into the code and a new label, document, and/ or digital version provided.

To further safeguard and protect the individual if the coded label or ID card is lost or stolen, the additional information is unreadable by a normal reader. The matching security password (key) is only provided to authorize smartphones that can decode the additional information in that person’s code. HD Barcode can also display different screen information on the smartphone depending on the app provided to the smartphone. For instance, to go into a restaurant, an attendant could take their phone and scan the person’s code, showing the name, date they were vaccinated. If additional information is required, the code has the ability to display different messages. In the same barcode, a hospital or first responder’s phone with a different authorization key could show the initial information, plus the information below.

1.    Medical Person providing the vaccination
2.    Where Administered
3.    Date of the vaccination
4.    Type of Vaccination (including manufacturer and lot number)
5.    Person’s Name
6.    Person’s Address
7.    Person’s D.O.B.
8.    Photograph of the Person
9.    Biometric Information (optional)

HD Barcode offers the ability to provide immediate access to vaccination documentation and other critical medical information. Other potential applications include HD barcode LLC identification for driver’s licenses, voter registration and other instances where secure documentation is required.

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