Craig J. Radford’s newly released “Does God Exist? I Do/Do Not Believe (This Book is for You)” offers profound evidence of God’s existence free of religious bias

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“Does God Exist? I Do/Do Not Believe (This Book is for You)” from Christian Faith Publishing author Craig J. Radford is a thought-provoking read that allows one to thoroughly reflect on the existence of God no matter whether one currently believes or not. Simplifying complicated theories and discussions about God’s existence, Radford challenges readers to confront a system of beliefs that are able to coexist with science.

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“Does God Exist? I Do/Do Not Believe (This Book is for You)”: an exploratory manuscript that contains pages of scientific observation, philosophy, and evidence, which will shed light on the truth of God’s existence. Endorsed by atheists and theists alike, this book is a non-religious examination on the topic. “Does God Exist? I Do/Do Not Believe (This Book is for You)” is the creation of published author Craig J. Radford, the writer of “Why Other People Get Lucky: A Definitive Guide on How to Change Your Luck.” He resides between Florida and Idaho.
Radford shares, “Does science prove God's existence or provide more reasons to doubt?
“Does God truly exist? That is the age-old seemingly unanswerable question. But what if there was an answer? What if the answer has been staring us right in the face for centuries, but we’ve been too busy missing the forest for the trees?
“This book invites you to take a step back and look at the broader picture. It offers anecdotes, observations and, most importantly, scientific evidence of the universal, all-encompassing, culture-transcending purpose that connects us all. In that purpose, we find many paths to a knowledge that has eluded humankind for as long as we have had the ability to wonder: proof that God does indeed exist. We find this knowledge in the stars, in the nature of time, in the laws of physics, in our own bodies, and in equations as complex as advanced calculus and unconditional love. It’s just a matter of knowing where (and how) to look.
“In a centuries-old debate that has always placed science in an adversarial role with faith, this book brings the two camps together, using logic and reason to prove the existence of God. For the atheist, these pages eschew scriptural references in favor of evolutionary, philosophical, cultural, and natural evidence. For the believer, this book enhances your faith with affirmative arguments steeped in mathematics, particle physics, and a host of other scientific and real-world observations. And for anyone who has ever looked up at the sky and wondered what might lie beyond, this book provides a clear, compelling, life-affirming answer.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Craig J. Radford’s new book is an excellent source of worldly observations and evidence that allows readers to dive more deeply into their own beliefs and contemplate God free of religious bias. The material in this book will most assuredly strengthen existing convictions of God’s existence while also encouraging deeper reflection on humanity’s most profound and timeless question.

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