Cyber Security Cloud and Macbee Planet to Collaborate and Develop Marketing Services Utilizing Cyber Attack Detection Big Data

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Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. (CSC) announced that it is collaborating with Macbee Planet, Inc. to jointly develop marketing services utilizing cybersecurity technology and attack detection big data.

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Nowadays, partly due to the impact of the coronavirus, the shift to online has accelerated rapidly in a variety of business and shopping scenarios, and it has become increasingly important for many companies to increase the percentage of their sales that are made online through enhanced digital marketing and other means. On the other hand, the more pervasive the Internet has become in our lives, the greater the risk of personal information leakage due to cyber attacks. Against this backdrop, Cyber Security Cloud and Macbee Planet are collaborating to develop services that leverage their respective technologies and expertise in the cybersecurity and marketing domains.

About the collaboration
Cyber Security Cloud provides services such as its cloud-based WAF "Shadankun", which is ranked No. 1 *1 in Japan in terms of adoption rate and a service for automation of AWS WAF operations using AI "WafCharm". Through these services, CSC has protected thousands of websites over the years, and have been able to accumulate a Big Data of over 1.3 trillion *2 on cyber-attacks, including access and detection data and have been proactively implementing initiatives to make effective use of that data.

Macbee Planet offers services such as "Honeycomb", a data analytics platform that links marketing data and purchase data to build predictive LTV models, and "Robee", a data-driven customer service tool to help improve conversion rates for companies using the Internet to promote sales, attract customers and increase awareness. In addition, Macbee Planet aims to expand into a wide range of industries through aggressive investment in these products.

By combining the big data held by Cyber Security Cloud with the services provided by Macbee Planet, the company aims to develop marketing services with cybersecurity functions and services to improve the accuracy of data analysis by eliminating unauthorized access to customer service on the web.

Through this collaboration, the two companies aims to continue to work towards the development of new solutions by leveraging their knowledge and expertise.

About Cyber Security Cloud, Inc.
With an aim to create a secure cyberspace that people around the world can use safely, Cyber Security Cloud provides web application security services worldwide using the world’s leading cyber threat intelligence and AI technology. CSC is also certified as the 7th AWS WAF Managed Rules Seller in the world by AWS (Amazon Web Service) which boasts a 47.8% global cloud market share. *3

As a leading cybersecurity company, CSC plans to continue to strive to improve and develop new technologies and aim to be a company that can deliver effective security solutions to contribute to the information revolution.

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About Macbee Planet, Inc.
Macbee Planet provides marketing solutions by forecasting life time value (LTV) and optimizing return on investment (ROI) for companies that use the Internet to promote sales, attract customers, and increase awareness. Through "out-of-the-box thinking and marketing," Macbee Planet hone its business values and contribute to the growth of the company, connecting people with information and creating an exciting society.

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*1: Market research on "cloud-based WAF services" (as of June 16, 2019) [Research by ESP Research Institute (May 2019 to June 2019)]
*2: Calculated based on the total number of logs held by the Cyber Security Cloud as of the end of March 2020. The content provided in this partnership includes attack summaries and company statistics.
*3: Gartner (July 2019): Worldwide Iaas Public Cloud Services Market Share, 2017-2018 (Millions of U.S. Dollars)

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