Dangerous Teeth Shaving TikTok Trend Emphasizes Importance of Qualified and Professional Dental Care, says A-Z Dental Care

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West-Covina-based dental center A-Z Dental Care comments on a recent article that patients should only seek dental crowns or other prosthetics if their teeth are actually broken or vulnerable.

The West Covina dental center offers oral healthcare for patients of all ages.

Artificially creating the conditions necessary for crowns is senseless and likely to lead to irreversible and possibly serious consequences.

A December 18 article on UNF Spinnaker reports on a harmful TikTok trend that has influenced individuals to purposefully shave down their otherwise healthy teeth so they will be eligible for dental crowns, presumably under the assumption that crowns look better than natural teeth. The article reports dentists have taken to the popular social media platform to discourage viewers from shaving their healthy teeth, noting that teens who do so are signing themselves up to replace their crowns as many as four to five times in their lifetime as each crown only lasts 10 to 15 years. West Covina-based dental center A-Z Dental Care says that, while dental crowns are a perfectly safe and viable prosthetic for patients with broken or vulnerable teeth, artificially creating the conditions necessary for crowns is senseless and likely to lead to irreversible and possibly serious consequences.

A-Z Dental Care says that, while it should be obvious, patients should never attempt to break or shave their teeth on purpose to mimic the advanced techniques that dentists use in their advanced treatments. The dental center notes that dentists who do perform such procedures are doing so with years of education and experience to back up their actions—and they’re only doing so when dental crowns, or other prosthetics for that matter, are strictly necessary.

A-Z Dental Care says an untrained person could easily damage their teeth to the point that a crown would no longer suffice as treatment. The center says the risk for infections is high and it’s also possible that individuals could cause more damage than intended, without even realizing it. This can lead to a plethora of further complications that could increase treatment costs exponentially and unnecessarily put a patient’s health at risk.

The dental office says that patients should only seek dental crowns if they are already suffering from some form of damage or vulnerability, or on the recommendation of their dentist. In cases such as these, the center continues, dental crowns become good treatment options because they can be hard to distinguish from real teeth and they can protect the remainder of the original tooth they encapsulate.

A-Z Dental Care says the key difference here is that a trained professional is performing all the relevant procedures. The center says that if a tooth needs to be filed down so a crown can fit, the dentist performing the procedure knows what to do to ensure that procedure is a success. A person without dental training does not.

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