Dermatology RPA-C Rebecca Sklar with Advanced Dermatology PC Provides Tips on Coping with a Wedding-Day Pimple

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The Dreaded Wedding-Day Pimple: What You Can Do?

Rebecca Sklar. RPA-C

As with so much about a wedding or other important event, planning is essential. Your plan should consist of three steps: You want to do everything you can to prevent a breakout, treat it if it occurs, and conceal it if necessary.

It's not just bad luck that a nasty pimple pops up just before an important day. Stress, excitement, lack of sleep – all practically guaranteed to be present – can all contribute to a breakout. There's nothing that will guarantee flawless skin for your wedding, prom, or performance but there are things you can do that will minimize your risk and put you in control.

“The key is to start thinking about your skin well in advance,” says Rebecca Sklar of Advanced Dermatology. “As with so much about a wedding or other important event, planning is essential. Your plan should consist of three steps: You want to do everything you can to prevent a breakout, treat it if it occurs, and conceal it if necessary.”

Enlist a dermatologist months in advance as part of your team. Discuss whether your regular skincare regimen needs modification. If you're considering a change, now is the time to try new products or procedures so you have time to deal with any adverse reaction. Ask whether a microdermabrasion treatment a week or so before your day might be helpful to exfoliate and clear away dead skin cells that can clog pores. Also, talk to the doctor about options for an emergency treatment, if needed, a day or so before the big day.

Exercise good skin hygiene: Never go to sleep without washing off makeup. Wash your face in the morning and at night to remove the bacteria, oils, and grime that can clog pores and lead to a breakout. Use a gentle cleanser or scrub appropriate for your skin type. As you approach your big day, avoid or go easy on makeup to refresh your skin and avoid anything that could be irritating like exfoliants. Keep your hands clean and keep them away from your face as much as possible. Never, ever, pop a pimple or pick at a scab.

Follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat a diet that includes lean protein and lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid greasy foods. Drink eight glasses of water a day to rid the body of toxins that can cause a breakout and to keep skin hydrated and moisturized. Exercise every day. Change your pillowcase and towels regularly. Don't smoke!

Don't panic if a blemish appears a day or two before the event. If you have twenty-four hours, call your dermatologist. If the problem is a big, red bump, a cortisone shot might stop it from further growth and reddening and the puffiness will subside by the next day. The dermatologist may also be able to extract pus or whatever is causing the inflammation without leaving any trace.

Over-the-counter remedies include a variety of fast-acting spot treatments in the form of gels, oils, lotions and ”acne dots” that have a combination of active ingredients. You may want to have more than one product on hand. Salicylic acid, which removes excess oil, and benzoyl peroxide, which unclogs pores, are tried and true ingredients in acne treatments although they're seldom found in the same product. Other helpful ingredients include witch hazel to shrink pores, colloidal sulfur to extract impurities and excess oil, aloe vera and vitamins that soothe the skin and reduce redness, and glycerin to combat dryness. Tiny, waterproof hydrocolloid patches that are applied directly to the pimple after cleansing help tame inflammation, exfoliate the skin, and shrink pores. Some products go on clear and can be left in place under makeup.

Blemishes can be trickier than other skin imperfections to cover without making them more noticeable. Use concealer that matches your skin tone rather than one that is lighter. Use a thin, firm brush to apply a tiny speck to the blemish starting at the center and working outward to where the redness ends. Then apply translucent powder. To counteract stubborn redness, apply a dab of green concealer first then skin-toned concealer. Don't forget that the photographer will be able to fix anything that isn't fully concealed.

“One of the most important bits of advice we can offer brides-to-be and others preparing for an important event is to find ways to reduce their stress,” says Ms. Sklar. “Take time for a relaxing bath, practice yoga, meditation, or other relaxation techniques. Your skin will benefit as will the rest of you! The more relaxed you are, the better you'll be able to enjoy your big day!”

Bio: Rebecca Sklar, RPA-C is a certified physician assistant through the National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants.

Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery (New York & New Jersey) is one of the leading dermatology centers in the nation, offering highly experienced physicians in the fields of cosmetic and laser dermatology as well as plastic surgery and state-of-the-art medical technologies.

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