Despite Ever More Complex Immigration Laws, an Immigration Lawyer Can Still Provide a Path to Residency or Citizenship, says The Law Offices of Henry A. Posada

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Los Angeles-based immigration firm The Law Offices of Henry A. Posada comments on a recent article that, while immigration laws have indeed tightened, immigrants wishing to remain or move to the United States still have many options with an immigration attorney at their side.

Immigration attorney Henry A. Posada

The need for immigrants to be able to trust an expert immigration lawyer in their fight for residency or citizenship is now greater than ever.

An April 23 article on The National Law Review reports on a Presidential Proclamation that prohibits until June 22 the entry of immigrants that, the law says, may impact the U.S. labor market during the federal government’s response to the current public health crisis. The article states that the proclamation primarily impacts “U.S. workers who exist at the margins between employment and unemployment during this time of high domestic unemployment.” The proclamation also notes a list of conditions and potential exceptions. For example, individuals who have or plan to apply to adjust their legal status in the United States are exempted from the proclamation. However, there are over a dozen additional exceptions, and figuring out which ones apply to a given situation can be extremely confusing to any layperson. Los Angeles-based immigration attorney Henry A. Posada says that the proclamation serves as an example of how complicated U.S. immigration laws have become in recent decades and how the need for immigrants to be able to trust an expert immigration lawyer in their fight for residency or citizenship is now greater than ever.

Mr. Posada says that now is the time for immigrants to fully understand their rights and doing so without the knowledgeable hand of an immigration attorney can be overwhelming. Mr. Posada says that immigration laws tend to be highly complex and vary widely, so being aware of the differences can be beneficial in many cases. Mr. Posada says that many applications relating to immigration in the United States are highly comprehensive, and errors can lead to delays or even rejection. Naturally, Mr. Posada says an immigration lawyer can help clients navigate all the different forms and sections successfully, making a rather tedious process quite manageable.

The Los Angeles area attorney says that immigrating to the United States may still be a rewarding experience for those who may be leaving uncertain circumstances or simply seeking a better life in a land known for opportunity. Whether clients are only just starting the immigration process or defending their ability to remain in the United States, the process can run smoothly but just about everyone requires legal assistance for that to happen in most cases, says Mr. Posada.

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