Despite Pandemic-Related Stress on People’s Teeth, Patients Have Many Options for Restoration, says Premier Care Dental Care

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Pasadena-based Premier Care Dental Group comments on a recent article that patients who break or chip their teeth from stress-induced grinding can visit their dentist for treatment

The Pasadena-based dental group offers complete dental services for families and individuals from throughout the San Gabriel Valley area.

Regardless of the severity of a broken tooth, patients have numerous options for oral restoration.

A May 17 article on WFMZ-TV 69 reports on numerous studies that have found that teeth grinding and resulting injuries have dramatically risen since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The phenomenon is believed to be related to heightened levels of stress. Whatever the cause, the damage and discomfort caused by teeth grinding can be severe if it persists unchecked, dental health experts agree. Pasadena-based Premier Care Dental Group says that teeth grinding has been known to cause broken and chipped teeth, which can be a source of major embarrassment and pain.

The dental group says that teeth grinding essentially wears teeth down and makes them vulnerable. Over time, chipping and breaking become more common, and the possibility for additional complications increases. Premier Care Dental Group notes that if patients do happen to suffer from a broken tooth, they have several outstanding options for cosmetic dentistry.

Premier Care Dental Group says dental veneers are one popular option for fixing teeth, though their use is generally limited to fixing chipped teeth or covering severe discoloration or staining. If a tooth is broken, a veneer will not solve the problem.

Instead, the group notes that dental crowns tend to be the go-to option for fixing broken yet salvageable teeth. Crowns can hold fragmented pieces of a tooth together in addition to sealing off the tooth from potential infection. The Premier Care Dental Group says that, in the past, crowns were metallic, but most dentists today offer natural-looking ceramic crowns that are hard to distinguish from real teeth. The group says as such, patients don’t have to worry about their dental crowns standing apart from their actual teeth.

When asked about broken teeth that cannot be salvaged though, Premier Care Dental Group says dental implants are the next step up. It says if a dental crown cannot properly cap a broken tooth or there is a continued risk for infection, then extraction may be the only viable solution to preserve a patient’s overall oral health. Once a tooth is extracted, the group says that a dental implant can be emplaced. Implants, which are capped with dental crowns, look and function just look real teeth. Premier Care Dental Group says regardless of the severity of a broken tooth, patients have numerous options for oral restoration.

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