DiaWater Is the First Permanent Hexagonal Deuterium Reduced Water That is Going to Be Available on the Market

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The purest man-made water, DiaWater, is going to be available very soon to everyone at affordable prices.

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DiaWater was founded by entrepreneur, author, speaker, researcher, and developer, Arthur Tränkle. For multiple decades, Arthur has worked, researched, and experimented with the different ways in which the frequencies, energies, and vibrations found in the world around us affects the human cells. His intense rigor has led him to further explore the areas of water revitalization and hydration, and ultimately, DiaWater.

While there are brands out there that offer quality alkaline water, DiaWater is the first brand that provides permanent hexagonal deuterium reduced water with extra oxygen, which is a space industry technology. Thanks to their patented production process, they are the only supplier of permanent hexagonal deuterium reduced water that can offer it for affordable prices. Without this process, it cost up to 200 USD to produce 1 Liter of deuterium reduced water. Similar extremely high-level pure water can be found only in two places in nature: Lourdes in France and Hunza in Pakistan.

With the technology behind the DiaWater production process, they are the first in the world who created the hexagonal structure that disintegrated after one year at room temperature, unlike the hexagonal structure of natural water that disintegrates naturally after only two days. Also, DiaWater’s quality exceeds the quality of the waters found in Hunza by bringing deuterium levels down to 85ppm, while the Hunza’s water exists at 120ppm.

DiaWater is considered hexagonal deuterium reduced water. In other words, DiaWater is structured, magnetized water. This means that strong magnetic forces have impacted the molecules that make up each drop of water, consequently reducing their size and rearranging its structure into a hexagonal cluster. Hexagonal water molecules are virtually exact copies of water molecules that haven’t been contaminated with some sort of human process. In addition to its contamination-free level of purity, hexagonal water molecules actually contain a higher rate of penetration into human cells, while being able to carry much more oxygen than the typical drinking water.

To prove the effects of DiaWater, they have carried out a medical study. Also, hundreds of studies have been done on Hunza water over the last decades. It was back in the 1960s that Dr. Flanagan researched the 'Hunza water’ or ‘live water’ (glacial water from the mountainous regions of North Pakistan). It was noted that it had special properties such as lower freezing point and lower surface tension. Research also concluded that the water was very similar to the one surrounding human cells which leads to better cellular hydration and improved nutrient absorption. Deuterium depleted water was also used to prepare Soviet cosmonauts for the extreme and hostile conditions of being onboard a spacecraft.

DiaWater is the purest man-made water available in the world today – nearly as pure as the water molecules that undergo magnetization right in the heart of Antarctica, just above the Earth’s natural pole. Thanks to DiaWater, consumers can reap the benefits of advanced hydration designed to mimic the exact effects that nature’s coldest environments have on water molecules to bring forth a new type of hydration that protects the body from many different issues.

The production process of DiaWater relies on the use of advanced magnetization technology designed to remove hydrogen and deuterium from the water molecules and substituting these elements with rich and pure oxygen. They take pure, naturally structured living water and separate the deuterium rich and deuterium poor molecules from one other through an artificial process that mimics the natural processes of evaporation, condensation, and rain.

DiaWater is being produced under a scientific and precisely calculated process that takes into account time, temperature, pressure, humidity, and room specifications, where they heat the contained water to produce water vapors that rise to the top of the space and rain down from above. This process is always ongoing and virtually permanent.

From there, they are able to acquire an exchange of different water molecule isotopes, which allows them to physically extract the hydrogen atom from each isotope, effectively separating heavy (deuterium rich) and light (deuterium poor) water molecules. From there, they are able to rearrange the deuterium poor water molecules to ensure that they remain separated from the heavy, hydrogen-rich molecules.

The production of DiaWater will start once the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is over. The delivery of DiaWater to backers that support this campaign will start at the end of August, while the official market entry will be at the end of October. Besides having the opportunity to purchase DiaWater at least 8 weeks before all other, backers will also benefit from the discounts they are offered while the campaign lasts. Depending on the package they select, backers can get a discount that varies from 25% to 33% of the final price of the package.

Pure hexagonal deuterium reduced water like DiaWater can be drunk as often as consumers like. However, for best results, it is recommended to drink 1 liter of DiaWater per day as follows: 250 ml on an empty stomach after getting up, 250 ml 30 minutes before lunch, 250 ml 30 minutes before dinner, 250 ml before going to bed. DiaWater is totally safe and cannot cause any harm to anyone. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or toxins and neither are any chemicals used during the process of deuterium depletion.

Although DiaWater can be mixed with different powders to make shakes, doing so it’s not recommended. For now, no studies have been conducted to show if mixing DiaWater with external substances will reduce its effects. For this reason, consumers are advised to consume DiaWater pure.

Thanks to tremendous innovation and advancement in technology, DiaWater offers the world’s first hexagonal deuterium reduced water that matches the un-contaminated purity only found in water molecules beneath the massive ice sheets of Antarctica.

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