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San Diego businessman Leo Hamel recently opened a new gym that is the future of exercise. The cutting-edge technology is the most thorough and effective work out in existence fully backed by science*.

San Diego businessman Leo Hamel recently opened a new gym that is the future of exercise. LeoFit, located next to Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers on San Diego Avenue, is not a run-of-the-mill traditional fitness facility. The cutting-edge gym is the only one in San Diego that utilizes three revolutionary fitness technologies, in concert, to achieve one’s fitness and weight loss goals: BOD POD®, ARX, and Vasper. Clients work one-on-one with a personal trainer to realize their greatest potential with as little as one 20-minute workout once per week.

The first step in the LeoFit routine is determining the client’s starting point with the BOD POD®, a medical grade instrument that measures exact body fat percentage. This research-grade 5-minute test is how LeoFit scientifically tracks fat loss and muscle gain. What many people don’t realize is that on nearly every diet they lose muscle as well as fat. The groundbreaking technology at LeoFit can actually help clients to gain muscle while losing fat, and the BOD POD® is used to track this transformation.

The second part of the routine uses the LeoFit Adaptive Resistance eXercise (ARX) machine. This technology provides precise computer-controlled resistance that is capable of maximizing a client’s workout in the least amount of time. The innovative exercise system allows anyone to simultaneously gain or tone muscle, condition their cardiovascular system, increase strength, build bone density, and recover from injury, all in just 20 minutes once per week.

The optional final step is the Vasper, a High Intensity Interval Training apparatus that can be used to further enhance the ARX workout. This exercise augmentation can decrease soreness, increase muscle growth, and give higher energy levels post-workout. It is also a standalone full aerobic workout in itself, and able to be completed in about 20 minutes. The combination of these three state-of-the-art technologies is the most efficient way to track fitness progress and finally achieve the physique that clients have always desired.

Owner Leo Hamel states, “I worked out with weights, aerobic machines and classes, at traditional gyms all of my adult life, and never accomplished the weight loss results I wanted. I lost weight but lost muscle as well as fat, so I simply became just a smaller version of my old self. Yes, I wore a smaller pant size, but I was “skinny fat.” I never achieved the chiseled body that I desired. After reading the book, “Body By Science,” I discovered the reasons why I was failing. I searched for and found the 21st century scientifically based technology that was necessary to achieve my goals and brought them all together. I’m so excited to share this revolutionary technology with all of San Diego.”

About LeoFit: LeoFit’s focus is on hacking everyone’s fitness challenge in order to achieve the most benefit in the least amount of time. This is accomplished by using the most advanced fitness technologies on the market. Impressively, 98% of clients see a 2-5% strength increase in just one week. The full potential of LeoFit’s ultra-high-tech equipment can be utilized by any fitness level and any age group, 10 years to 100 years-old.

LeoFit is located at 1851 San Diego Avenue Suite 100A San Diego, CA 92110.

Call 619-299-1694 or e-mail riley(at)leo(dot)fit to schedule your first two free workouts!

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*Carpinelli R, Otto RM, Winett RA. A critical analysis of the ACSM position stand on resistance training: insufficient evidence to support recommended training protocols. J Exerc Physiol2004; 7: 1-60.; See also Smith D, Bruce-Low S. Strength training and the work of Arthur Jones. J Exerc Physiol 2004; 7: 52-68, and Newham, D. J., Jones, D. A., and Clarkson, P. M. Repeated high-force eccentric exercise: effects on muscle pain and damage. Journal of Applied Physiology 1987; 63(4): 1381-1386

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