Disrupting the Swamp of Go-To-Market Data With Lars Grønnegaard

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Disruption Interruption podcast host and veteran communications disruptor Karla Jo Helms interviews Lars Grønnegaard, Founder and CEO at Dreamdata. They discuss all the ways companies use data and how they can use it more effectively.

Lars Grønnegaard

Data can be packaged: Dreamdata does the work of analyzing all the key data and returning it to the client in a useful format.

Data collection and analysis is critical in business in 2022. Data drives everything from product launches to marketing decisions. The challenge many organizations face is how to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Collecting data is the easy part. Data analysis takes more skill and precision.

Enter disruptor Lars Grønnegaard, founder and CEO at Dreamdata, who explains to Karla Jo Helms, host of the Disruption Interruption podcast, that data isn’t useful until it is.

Lars spent decades working in product management, where he saw how business leaders apply data to operations. One thing he noticed was that data without context isn’t saying what it seems to say. Leaders were getting the wrong message from the data. Then he said, "THAT’S IT — I’M DONE WITH THE STATUS QUO," and started his own analytics firm. Now Dreamdata is revolutionizing data analysis and presentation.

Key takeaways:

  • Old-fashioned sales numbers aren’t enough information: 70 to 80% of the buying process happens before buyers even talk to the company. Customers prefer a self-serve model of research before they’re ready to buy. Organizations need to track what happens before the customer reaches out to sales.
  • There are no snap decisions: The customer journey from interest to purchase can take up to nine months. Finding out what inspires the journey and what steps customers take is critical data.
  • Marketing drives revenue: Marketing teams today do the work that sales reps did in the past. They know the product, speak customer interest, and draw customers along with additional interactions. Their work drives purchasing decisions.(1)
  • Data is more complex than you think: Looking at raw numbers isn’t enough to understand customer behavior. You have to apply context to the data to understand what it really means.
  • Human analysis is key: Machine learning data analysis is a growing trend, but it isn't right for every company.(2) AI is a great tool for data analysis if you’re doing a huge number of transactions. AI doesn’t do a good job of understanding organizations that rely on fewer deals with bigger payoffs.
  • Data can be packaged: Dreamdata does the work of analyzing all the key data and returning it to the client in a useful format.
  • A passion for pizza: In addition to data, Lars’ current obsession is making the perfect pizza in his apartment’s wood-fired pizza oven.

Disruption Interruption is the podcast where you’ll hear from today’s biggest Industry Disruptors. Learn what motivated them to bring about change and how they overcame opposition to adoption.

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About Disruption Interruption:
Disruption is happening on an unprecedented scale, impacting all manner of industries — MedTech, Finance, IT, eCommerce, shipping and logistics, and more — and COVID has moved their timelines up a full decade or more. But WHO are these disruptors, and when did they say, “THAT’S IT! I’VE HAD IT!”? Time to Disrupt and Interrupt with host Karla Jo “KJ” Helms, veteran communications disruptor. KJ interviews badasses who are disrupting their industries and altering economic networks that have become antiquated with an establishment resistant to progress. She delves into uncovering secrets from industry rebels and quiet revolutionaries that uncover common traits — and not-so-common — that are changing our economic markets… and lives. Visit the world’s key pioneers who persist toward success, despite arrows in their backs, at http://www.disruptioninterruption.com.

About Karla Jo Helms:
Karla Jo Helms is the Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR(TM) Strategist for JOTO PR Disruptors(TM).

Karla Jo learned firsthand how unforgiving business can be when millions of dollars are on the line — and how the control of public opinion often determines whether one company is happily chosen or another is brutally rejected. Being an alumnus of crisis management, Karla Jo has worked with litigation attorneys, private investigators, and the media to help restore companies of goodwill into the good graces of public opinion — Karla Jo operates on the ethic of getting it right the first time, not relying on second chances and doing what it takes to excel. Helms speaks globally on public relations, how the PR industry itself has lost its way and how, in the right hands, corporations can harness the power of Anti-PR to drive markets and impact market perception.

About Lars Grønnegaard
Lars defines himself as a passionate problem solver. His latest passion is B2B go-to-market. B2Bs are drowning in data. But processing the data into something useful that can deliver insights and drive automation is super hard. And often, companies try to work directly with raw data leading to poor outcomes. Lars founded Dreamdata to ensure that B2B companies can have those insights to produce faster and better-performing customer journeys. And in the end, deliver more revenue growth faster.

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2) Amarnath, Rohit, Eight Trends Predicted To Define Data Analytics In 2022, February 25, 2022, Forbes, https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2022/02/25/eight-trends-predicted-to-define-data-analytics-in-2022/?sh=18eb732fffd7

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