DizzyDoctor and Seamgen Partner to Bring an FDA Approved Medical Application to Market

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DizzyDoctor Systems LLC announces its FDA approval for a digital application that revolutionizes the way physicians diagnose a condition called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). After years of research, design, and development the application is now an official Class 2 medical device that can be given or prescribed by any physician.

DizzyDoctor and Seamgen Partnership

“I feel this has been one of the most important diagnostic breakthroughs available for the dizzy patient in the last ten years” said Dr. Ian Purcell.

The DizzyDoctor System, designed by Dr. Ian Purcell, is a unique device – a vertigo recording application paired with goggles to hold your smartphone in place – enabling patients to use their smartphone to record eye movements in “real time” during an attack of disequilibrium or vertigo. A patient can easily and accurately perform a Dix-Hallpike Test and the Supine Positional Test. These are simple tests and the application offers patients the ability to conduct them in a remote setting, away from a clinical environment.

“I feel this has been one of the most important diagnostic breakthroughs available for the dizzy patient in the last ten years,” said Dr. Ian Purcell.

This important data, if collected properly, will allow a physician to better identify why the patient has episodes of dizziness. Recordings from the application, including video, motion, and pupil tracking are all automatically uploaded to the DizzyDoctor website. After a nominal fee, your data can be processed for the purpose of diagnosing. The physician then has the ability to access all this very important data during the patient’s next appointment or even remotely if the patient is far from their nearest “DizzyDoctor”.

“Our goal is to make it easy for patients with dizziness to get tested accurately and quickly,” said Alex Bock, VP of Research and Development. “Most people go to Urgent Care when they get dizzy, but are often told to just rest. That doesn’t suffice. Dizziness is often a result of a physical block in the inner ear, and not providing the appropriate treatment can allow it to develop into a much larger problem.”

DizzyDoctor selected Seamgen, a San Diego based digital product agency, as the software development partner for this project. Both the design and development of the application was completed by the Seamgen team. “Working with Seamgen was amazing! Since this was the first application we created, Seamgen walked us through every step and explained how it all worked together. The process was a great experience and we really enjoyed how hands on we got to be on the project and how well they integrated our team.”

The new mobile app offers a simple, cost effective, and accurate diagnosis using technology that’s easy to access from a device patients already use every day. You need a smartphone, the mobile app, and a pair of the vertigo goggles.

Features include:

  • Accurate eye movement and synchronized motion tracking video recording in the four proper Dix-Hallpike positions
  • Step-by-step voice instructions that walk the patient through the testing positions.
  • 3D positional recognition from the phone’s internal sensors that require the patient to be in the exact testing position before it proceeds with the eye movement recording.
  • Accurate eye tracking algorithms that analyze eye movement videos
  • Easy uploading of video recordings directly to patient and physician web-based portal
  • Patient and physician web-based video player that presents the analyzed data in an easily understandable format for a physician and patient to review at a later date
  • Find DizzyDoctors in your local area. If there is not one nearby, the patient can reach out to the leading physicians in the “Dizzy” field to review their data.

“DizzyDoctor is not stopping at 'Dizzy' applications," said Alex Bock. “Since we have developed a very advanced eye tracking algorithm we will be building other mobile medical devices that can pull data from patient's eye behavior. Eyes are the gateway to the mind and we can use that data for many different applications.”

The development of remote connected healthcare software technology has opened the healthcare industry to a world of opportunity. Mobile technology allows medical practitioners to provide remote diagnostics, access web-based medical records, offer timely patient information, and conduct post-procedure patient monitoring.

Additionally, the Internet of Things (IoT) creates many opportunities for medical device companies to offer cloud-based platforms to facilitate wireless transfer, storage, and display of clinical data. With IoT in healthcare apps and devices, medical personnel can retrieve real-time patient data and provide timely, accurate, and data-driven diagnoses and treatments. IoT health apps and devices foster patient connectivity – something that helps medical professionals and patients build long-lasting partnerships.

About DizzyDoctor Systems, LLC
The idea for the DizzyDoctor System was introduced by Dr. Ian Purcell after decades of working with vertigo patients. The most difficult component to managing a “dizzy” patient was seeing the patient during a vertiginous event. His patients would have brief or prolonged episodes of vertigo away from the clinic and were often symptom free by the time they came into the clinic for evaluation. For years, Dr. Purcell and his Otolaryngology (ENT) colleagues discussed the need for remote access diagnosis for their patients. Alex Bock was brought on to design and develop a system that would help Dr. Purcell and his colleagues collect this essential data. After 6 years of research and design, the DizzyDoctor System was created. In 2018 it became an FDA approved product.

About Seamgen, LLC
Seamgen designs and develops best-in-class web and mobile applications for clients from growing startups to the largest enterprises. Based in San Diego, Seamgen is an industry-leading mobile and digital agency that specializes in product design, and full-stack development across all devices. The Company integrates digital experiences across mobile and web resulting in contextually relevant branded consumer experiences that are personalized, convenient, and memorable. The Company works with brands from many different industries including healthcare, hospitality, automotive, and many more.

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